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Themeatic Area
Date Project TitleLocation
Aug2016 Jul2019 Strengthening Emergency Response Capacity of Local Humanitarian NGOs in Asia Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Phillipines, Pakistan, Nepal
Jan2016 Jan1900 Strengthening The Technical and Organizational Capacity of BNPB Training Center in Indonesia Indonesia
Jan2015 Dec2016 Knowledge Manager of The Building Resilience and Adapting to Climate Extremes and Disasters Programme (BRACED) Nepal, Myanmar, Mali, Kenya, Uganda, Pakistan, Ethiopia
Dec2015 Dec2016 Co-organizing A Technical Meeting on Integrating Climate-Smart Agriculture and Disaster Risk Reduction 5 FAO regions
Oct2015 Jul2016 Promotion of Area Business Continuity Management (Area BCM) and Formulation of Area Business Continuity Plan (Area BCP) for Thailand Thailand
Jan2015 Dec2016 Capacity Building on Disaster Risk Management (DRM) for A Chinese Delegation in Thailand and Australia China, Australia
Apr2015 Aug2015 Strengthening Leadership in Disaster Resilience Program (Extension Year 5) Thailand
Nov2015 Apr2018 Applying Bihar Recommendations: Building State-Level Emergency Response Capacity India
Mar2014 Feb2016

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