48th Flagship Course on Disaster Management

Duration: 19 Nov 2018 - 30 Nov 2018

Department: ACD

Donor Agency: Course fee

Location: Thailand,


Academy conducted this course as a flagship one. We want to increase the capacity of the interested person, who would like to know more on Disaster Management.

This training course aims to provide necessary and useful fundamental knowledge and skills in disaster risk management in order to enhance the capabilities of disaster managers who wish to reduce the impact of disastrous events in communities.

The topics covered cut across multi-hazard, multi-level, multi-agency, and multi-disciplinary facets, and address both event-related activities as well as those activities that need to be undertaken on a daily basis in order to mitigate the impact of natural hazards.

Course Objective

Upon completion of the course, participants will have a sound grasp of disaster risk management processes and will be able to:

- Discuss the basic concepts, terminology and models of disaster risk management
- Identify and assess disaster risks using a risk management approach
- Plan and develop effective strategies and systems for disaster risk reduction
- Develop effective processes for preparedness planning in order to improve disaster response and recovery programs
- Effectively and efficiently set up and utilize an emergency coordination center to manage disaster events
- Set up an incident command system to a given scenario
- Discuss disaster recovery frameworks and policies appropriate to the country
- Address and assess key implementation issues and requirements in disaster management