Investing in Human Capital for Disaster Management

Duration: 16 Oct 2019 - 20 Dec 2020

Department: ACD

Donor Agency: MERCY CORPS

Location: Indonesia,



The INVEST DM program seeks to provide a holistic approach to support Indonesia's disaster management institutions, supporting BNPB's own 'people-centered' approach, where comprehensive inputs in the areas of: technical capacity in preparedness-response-recovery; policy and planning; governance; and organizational development. These areas are grounded in human capital, serving to capacitate and reinforce the people that make it all function. This means supporting GOI personnel at the national and sub-national levels alike.

Key Activities

  • Technical assistance on curriculum and structural needs.
  • With Mercy Crops, provide linkages and cross-learning with EMI (the in-service training provider for US FEMA) and BNPB.
  • Map training providers at provincial levels, assemble revised index with Pusdiklat of certified trainers throughout Indonesia.
  • Technical assistance to Pusdiklat to institutionalize their trainer registration and certification program.

  • Available training providers throughout Indonesia are identified and support teaching pilots in Pusdiklat.
  • Pusdiklat has the required curriculum to aligned with BNPB strategic priorities.
  • Certification and registration of DRM trainers institutionalized.