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The Executive Committee (ExCom) is appointed by the Board to provide more operational support to ADPC. It is charged with implementing the policies decided by the Board. Pursuant to Article 6.4 of the ADPC Charter, the board may delegate any of its powers to the ExCom.

The ExCom is the principal agent in formulating the annual work plan and budget for ADPC, overall supervision of the implementation of activities, oversee the recruitment process of staff and report to the Board.

The ExCom meets monthly at the ADPC headquarters, physical presence is not required if online attendance can be arranged.

The current ExCom consists of the following

  1. Executive Director (as the Chair of the ExCom)
  2. Deputy Executive Director (as Secretary to ExCom)
  3. Directors of the Thematic and Support Departments ( as members of the ExCom)
  4. Chiefs of HRA and Finance Department