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  • Dr. Peeranan Towashiraporn

  • Director
  • Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC)

Dr. Peeranan works as the Director of Geospatial Information Department. Previously Dr. Peeranan worked as senior engineer at AIR Worldwide Corporation, a premier catastrophe risk modeling firm in the United States. He engaged in works related to seismic vulnerability and risk assessment of buildings as well as earthquake-induced casualty estimation. He joined ADPC in 2010 as senior project manager under the Urban Disaster Risk Management program. Dr. Peeranan has published several technical papers on earthquake engineering and vulnerability assessment. He has participated in damage reconnaissance teams for an earthquake in Greece and several hurricanes in the United States. Recently he has been interested in the topics of risk transfer and risk financing schemes such as a micro-insurance or index-based insurance for natural disasters. Dr. Peeranan holds Ph.D. Degree in civil engineering.