Brian Ward Memorial Lecture 2012 by Dr. Jan Egeland ADPC: Brian Ward Memorial Lecture 2012 by Dr. Jan Egeland

Published on: 10/09/2012

Language: English

Author(s): Asian Disaster Preparedness Center


Type: Multi-Media

Publication Overview/Description

Dr. Jan Egeland, Deputy Executive Director of Human Rights Watch and Director of its European operations, and former Chairperson of the High-level Taskforce for the Global Framework for Climate Services, gives a lecture on the importance of being proactive in disaster prevention and preparedness and climate change adaptation. His lecture raises questions related to the interconnectedness between a changing climate and reducing risks associated with natural disasters, and highlights the importance of weather and climate services.

The lecture arrives at a time when governments from around the region are confronting ways in which they can reduce disaster impacts and make societies more resilient.