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ADPC Develops Extreme Climate Event Project

In response to the 1997-1998 El Niño event, ADPC and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have developed a 15-month pilot project with the goal of enhancing South East Asia's ability to respond to future extreme climate events. The project seeks to develop a regional capacity to produce climate information guidance that enables the regional sharing of lessons learned and capitalization upon the experiences of the past.

The project will seek to document the time series forecasts, impacts, institutional responses and policy frameworks concerning extreme climate events over the past 10 to 15 years in some of Asia's most affected countries. In doing so, the goal is to improve the understanding of the impacts such disasters have on the region. The project also seeks to use the climate forecasting research community to identify event indicators and develop a predictive capacity. Finally, the project seeks to provide an interface between the generators of climate information and the users of this information, such as governments, NGOs, and the national and regional media.

The countries preliminarily selected, chosen for their vulnerability to El Niño and La Niña events, include Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. The project will focus on the impact of extreme climate event disasters in four main sectors: nutrition and food security; population welfare and public health; natural resources and environment; and industry and economy. It will draw upon the experience of LA RED in Latin America in implementing the DesInventar disaster inventory database to build an equivalent database for Asia. The project will also organize regional user workshops to bring users together, to bring user perspective to ongoing initiatives, and to provide some basic training. Finally, there will be a focused public awareness campaign to inform the public about the impact of extreme climate events and the strategies required to avert them.

Proposed Calendar of Events for 1998/99 -ADPC Learning & Professional Development Unit

ADPC will organize a number of regional events in 1998/99. In response to our partners in the region and based on other commitments, we have modified the schedule of our programs as follows:

Regional Conferences/Workshops/Training Courses

First Regional Training Course on "Technological Risk Mitigation for Cities" (TRMC- 1), (under the Asian Urban Disaster Mitigation Program), Delhi/Mumbai, India, November 2-13, 1998, Fee: $2,000, Collaborators: National Safety Council (NSC) and Human Settlements Management Institute (HSMI) of India

Second Regional Training Course on "Urban Disaster Mitigation" (UDM-2) (under the Asian Urban Disaster Mitigation Program); Bangkok, Thailand, dates to be announced, Fee: $2,000

First Regional Workshop on "Implementing Multi Local Training Organizations for Urban Disaster Mitigation in Asia," Bangkok, Thailand, Immediately after UDM-2, Fee: By Invitation Only, Collaborators: National Partner Training Institutions from India, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Cambodia

ASEAN Regional Forum on Disaster Response (ARF); Bangkok, Thailand; 25-29 January , 1998; Fee: By Invitation Only

Twenty Fourth Course on Disaster Management (DMC-24); Bangkok, Thailand; 8-26 March, 1999; Fee:$ 2,500

Third Regional Training Course on "Community Based Approaches to Disaster Management" (CBDM - 3); Bangkok, Thailand; 10-21 May, 1999, Fee:$ 2,000; Collaborators: Duryog Nivaran

First Regional Training Course on "Urban Flood Hazard Mitigation" (UFHM-1), (under the Asian Urban Disaster Mitigation Program), Philippines, dates to be announced, Fee: $2,000, Collaborators: National Partner Training Institutions of Philippines

Courses Proposed to be Held During 1998 Based on Demand

First Regional Executive Development Program for Disaster Management (EDP - 1), Bangkok, Thailand, dates to be announced; Fee: $2,000

Regional APELL Courses on "Industrial Hazard Risk Assessment" and "Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Response," dates and venue to be announced, Collaborators: UNEP IE.

National Courses on Request

As in previous years, ADPC's Learning and Professional Development Unit will be pleased to organize specialized courses and study tours tailor-made to meet the learning needs of a particular audience. These courses can be organized in your country or at Bangkok.

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