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Disaster Risk Management Systems

Mr. Aslam Perwaiz
Department Head

    email: aslam@adpc.net
Tel: +662 298 0682-92 Ext. 309
Head Office: Thailand

Aslam joined ADPC in 2005 and currently serves as Head of Department of Disaster Risk Management Systems. Having worked in the development sector for more than twenty years, he also has extensive experience of disaster risk management in South and Southeast Asia.

Aslam works with strengthening the institutional and legal frameworks for disaster risk reduction and with capacity building at national and sub-national levels. He has strong interest in water resource and environmental management as well as climate change adaptation and its linkages with disaster risk reduction. Aslam is involved in the implementation of large- and medium-scale disaster risk reduction programs focusing on community-based disaster risk reduction and integration of disaster risk reduction into socio-economic planning.

Since 2011, Aslam has contributed in engaging private sector in disaster risk reduction activities in cooperation with the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) of the Government of Australia. He has also been involved in public-private partnership initiatives of the governments of Thailand and Vietnam. Aslam serves as a mentor for APEC's project on improving SMEs' resiliency through business continuity planning.

Aslam has represented ADPC as Associate Member to the United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) missions and as member of a Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) team in Cambodia and Lao PDR after Typhoon Ketsana.

Mr Thanongdeth Insisiengmay
Senior Program Manager

    email: thanongdeth@adpc.net
Tel: +662 298 0682-92 Ext. 304
Head Office: Thailand

Thanongdeth joined ADPC in 2005 and is currently in charge of a GFDRR/World Bank-funded project on mainstreaming disaster and climate risk management into investment decisions in Lao PDR. Thanongdeth also contributed in drafting the national disaster risk management plan and national decree on disaster risk management of the country.

Currently serving with ADPC's department of Disaster Risk Management Systems, Thanongdeth has more than 25 years of extensive experience in the field of water resource management. His areas of interest include disaster risk management and climate change adaptation, institutional capacity development, mainstreaming disaster risk management into development, and economics of disaster risk reduction.

At ADPC, Thanongdeth previously worked as Program Manager for flood emergency management strengthening which was a component of Mekong River Commission's flood management and mitigation program. He was involved in the institutional strengthening and capacity building related to disaster risk reduction at national and local levels.

Prior to joining ADPC, Thanongdeth served with Mekong River Commission focusing on hydro-meteorological data collection, flood management and mitigation, forecasting and early warning, training and capacity building, and program development and management.

Ms. Thitiphon Sinsupan
Project Manager

    email: thitiphon@adpc.net
Tel: +662 298 0682-92 Ext. 310
Head Office: Thailand

Thitiphon joined ADPC in 2005 to contribute in the project on Coastal Risk Analysis of Tsunamis and Environmental Remediation (CRATER). She currently works in department of Disaster Risk Management Systems.

Prior to joining ADPC, Ms. Thitiphon worked as research associate for Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research North-South focusing on environmental activities and stakeholder involvement. She has extensive experience of disaster risk management with special focus on disaster preparedness and environment, post-disaster risk assessment and recovery planning, and capacity building of national and local authorities, communities and schools.

Thitiphon is a civil engineer and she has Master's Degree in environmental engineering and management.

Mr. Ekapol Sirichaovanichkarn
Manager - Private Sector Resilience

    email: ekapol.s@adpc.net
Head Office: :Thailand


Mr. Weerapon Sripongchai
Business Continuity Management (BCM)Officer

    email:  weerapon.s@adpc.net
Tel:  66 (0) 2 2980681-92 ext 520
Head Office: :Thailand


Dr. Sunil Prashar
 Project Officer

    email: sunil@adpc.net
Tel: Ext. 318
Head Office: Thailand

Dr. Prashar's work as program coordinator focuses on the implementation of ongoing programs of mainstreaming DRR/CCA into development planning and implementation processes in the Asia-Pacific region. In addition, he undertakes desk research, prepares analytical reports and guidelines, coordinates with governments and development partners, organizes and facilitates training programs and helps prepare content for training modules/manuals.

Prior to being Program Coordinator, Dr. Prashar was a Consultant for ADPC since October 2012.

Dr. Prashar earned his Ph.D. in Global Environmental Studies/Management from Kyoto University in Japan. He has several published works in international peer reviewed journals and wrote many book chapters in the area of urban risk, disaster risk reduction, environment management, climate change, community-based disaster risk reduction and resilience assessment.

Mr Kilian Murphy
 iPrepare Business Researcher

    email:  kilian.murphy@adpc.net
Tel:  66 (0) 2 2980681
Head Office: Thailand


Ms. Mio Kato
iPrepare Business Coordinator

    email: mio.kato@adpc.net
Tel: +66 2 298 0681 ext 315
Head Office: Thailand

Ms. Phitsamai Khammanivong
Program Coordinator

    email: phitsamai@adpc.net
Tel: 317
Head Office: Thailand

Phitsamai joined ADPC in 2009. She is responsible for the financial management and administrative functions in the country office of Lao PDR. She cooperates with national and international partners and provides support in the implementation of field activities and projects in Laos.

Phitsamai holds a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in business administration from Comcenter College, Lao PDR and a Bachelor's Degree in education from National University of Laos.


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