Are Southeast Asian cities ready for the climate emergency? Exploring Challenges, Gaps, and Needs.”

Are Southeast Asian cities ready for the climate emergency? Exploring Challenges, Gaps, and Needs.”

Urban Practitioners from Southeast Asia gathered in Bangkok, Thailand to brainstorm and share knowledge on addressing diverse urban challenges in the region

The Regional Workshop on "Urban Resilience to Climate Extremes in Southeast Asia", held on the 27th and 28th of February, 2024, has emerged as a platform for addressing the critical challenges posed by climate extremes in the urban landscapes of Southeast Asia. The workshop served as a rallying point, emphasizing the vital need for collaborative actions and support to enhance resilience in the face of mounting climate challenges in the region.

With a diverse representation from over 70 participants, including national government agencies, development partners, and academia, there was a resounding call for urgent improvements and prioritization among stakeholders to ensure the effective implementation of urban resilience measures

H. E. Astrid Emilie Helle, Ambassador of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bangkok, inaugurated the workshop, underscoring the urgency of taking immediate action on climate change in the region. Notably, she acknowledged the continued support from the Norwegian Government, specifically in prioritizing climate actions. This recognition highlighted the crucial role of international cooperation in effectively addressing climate-related challenges.

H. E. Astrid Emilie Helle, Ambassador of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bangkok, delivering opening remarks 

Mr. Hans Guttman, Executive Director, Mr. Aslam Perwaiz, Deputy Executive Director, and Dr. Senaka Basnayake, Director (Climate & Urban Resilience) of ADPC emphasized the importance of collaboration and capacity building, for developing the needed skills and capabilities of the urban decision-makers to navigate climate challenges effectively.

Mr. Hans Guttman, Mr. Aslam Perwaiz and Dr. Senaka Basnayake addressing the workshop gathering

The workshop's discussions, organized around four key thematic areas (1) Risk-informed urban governance; (2) Community and local preparedness (3) Critical Sector Preparedness, and (4) Early Warning Systems (EWS) for cities, delved deep into crucial aspects of urban resilience. Group sessions expanded to include brainstorming on climate finance and nature-based solutions, providing a holistic perspective to identify gaps, needs, and priorities to strengthen urban resilience in the Southeast Asia.

Panel discussions at the Workshop showcased and exchanged new knowledge, lessons learned and best practices in building urban resilience

Workshop attendees brainstorming on different approaches in addressing urban challenges with the Experts.

Key takeaways from the discussions highlighted the significance of "policy innovation," awareness building, capacity development, information sharing, and promoting connectivity through decentralization. Collectively, these themes represent a robust and strategic approach to advancing urban resilience in the region.

Mr. Lars Andreas Lunde, Leader / Assistant Director, Section for Nature and Climate from the Norwegian Agency for Development (Norad), delivering closing remarks added weight to the commitment by mentioning their continued support for climate resilience in Southeast Asia.

Mr. Lars Andreas Lunde joined online to deliver closing remarks of the workshop  

This ongoing collaboration signifies a sustained effort to fortify the region against climate challenges. The workshop outcomes are poised to guide future actions in the ADPC’s Urban Resilience Framework and strategy, emphasizing innovative approaches, awareness campaigns, improved information sharing, and enhanced connectivity to fortify urban resilience in Southeast Asia.

This workshop is a pivotal knowledge exchange platform organized under the “Urban Resilience to Climate Extremes in Southeast Asia” Program, with financial assistance from the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad).

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