Webinar: Seasonal and Sub-seasonal Prediction in Southeast Asia

Webinar: Seasonal and Sub-seasonal Prediction in Southeast Asia

Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC) in association with ASEAN Specialised Meteorological Center (ASMC) is organizing a webinar titled “Seasonal and Sub-seasonal Prediction in Southeast Asia” on 7th March 2022 from 02.00 to 04.30 PM (GMT+7) under the Urban Resilience to Climate Extreme in Southeast Asia (URCE) Program. 

The main objectives of this proposed webinar are to:

  • Improve understanding on the predictability at sub-seasonal (up to 45 days) and seasonal timescales (up to 6 months); and
  • Introduce sub-seasonal and seasonal prediction products, with special emphasis on those relevant to high-impact weather events in Southeast Asia.

During this webinar, recent developments in sub-seasonal-to-seasonal (S2S) prediction and seasonal prediction will be discussed along with various sources of information as well as examples of applications in Southeast Asia. There will be a Q&A session at the end to facilitate discussions and exchange of ideas. 

Please refer the attached Agenda and the Concept Note for further details.

*Meeting Details:

Title: Webinar on “Seasonal and Sub-seasonal Prediction in Southeast Asia”

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