Water Harvesting Assessment: Strengthening Water Security in Nepal ADPC: Water Harvesting Assessment: Strengthening Water Security in Nepal

Published on: 03/04/2024

Language: English

Author(s): ADPC

Department: Climate Resilience and Risk Governance

Type: Technical Papers

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Publication Overview/Description

Increasing water security, especially in rural agrarian societies, is an appropriate strategy towards adaptation and building resilience in the battle against climate change. Water harvesting, including storage, strengthens water security which can further translate to food security, through irrigated agriculture and increased production, and energy security through the adoption of hydropower generation.

This report developed under the CARE for South Asia project assesses the need for water harvesting in Nepal adopting an analytical framework and aims to be a resource material for the development practitioners and planners. It will be useful to the government offices related to water and development planning in general and specifically to MoEWRI, MoFE, WECs, Provincial governments and local governments in Nepal as well as other climate related offices in understanding the approach and the related policy scenario currently. The document can also be the basis to guide decisions on water harvesting, paving way for detailed analyses and feasibilities for rain-fed and water deficit areas.