ADPC-iPrepare: Preparedness for Flood

Preparedness for Flood

Chittagong, Bangladesh

Post by Naima Halim Tushi  
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Bangladesh is one of the most flood affected countries in the world. Actually three types of floods occur in Bangladesh. They are flash flood, rain fed flood and river flood. 80 of floods occur in the 5 months of monsoon from June to October.(Hossain A.N.H. Akhtar) As my hometown Chittagong is near to coastal area so floods are very common in Chittagong.

The most disastrous flood was occurred in 1998. At the capital Dhaka two thirds of lands was covered by water. 30 million people were homeless and 1070 were death. Crops being flooded an area of 668,529 hector. That’s why food supplies were severely affected. The economy had a decrease of 20 exports in industries. (Bandara Chanuka)

Farmers are mostly affected by this because crops were destroyed by flood. Poor people are the worst sufferer of floods. In the time of flood people generally face water contamination, intense rainfall and many other things. Roads become blocked and communication gets disrupted and water born diseases are seen during flood. The effect of flood cannot be described in a single sentence.

As flood is a natural phenomenon so it is not possible to prevent flood completely. But Government is trying to reduce the problems of flood. Government is taking some structural and nonstructural measures to minimize flood but it is not so easy.

In recent years wide forecasting & early warning system and preparedness measures have helped to reduce the damage of disasters.

My subject at AUW told me that, “At the time of flood we are not properly alerted. Even if we are alerted by the constant miking of alertness signals, we do not prefer to move fast leaving all our precious belongings. We work all our life and save a little so it is not easy for us to leave it at haste.

But when it comes at the edge, we move to nearby disaster centre which are mostly located in local school, colleges, mosques, and Government office.

There are many reasons for flood. But the geographical situation is the main reason for flood in Bangladesh. Cyclones, lowing land, melt water from the Himalayas, deforestation, heavy monsoon rains, increasing urban areas are also responsible for flood in Bangladesh.

Every year tons of crops, wealth and lives are lost because of flood. still mass people are not at all concerned about flood and its preparation.

To save my country people and their stable life from sudden hazard of flood, some of these steps can be effective:

Builders should ask for permission before building erection.

Drainage system should be clear because if drainage system is not clear then the water do not flow through it.

Retaining Ponds should be constructed to hold extra water of flood. If ponds can hold extra water then it will reduce the flood water.

Important flood detector which can ring on an alarm at the time of flood can huge beneficial.

One should stay away from electric lines at the time of flood because electric lines become more active if there is water source around.

Because of Bangladesh’s geological position floods are inevitable. The best thing we can do is try and prepare for it. We need to increase our awareness and build infrastructures according to the preparation for flood. We need all the manpower we can get to reduce the damage as much as possible.

The most flood affected areas should be pointed and more concentrated upon.

Disaster preparedness is important for the future of a country and as for Bangladesh preparing for flood holds the most importance.

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