ADPC-iPrepare: Sudden storm, April, 2012

Sudden storm, April, 2012

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Post by Md. Faysal Tareq  
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It was a sunny day when I go to the collage and came back at 3.00pm. Everything was normal, so I go to the field for playing cricket. But suddenly at 5.00pm he sky become reddish and little rain drop started to fall. So, every body gone home. After 15 minute wind flow and moderate rain started. It started at 5.30pm and stopped at 7.00pm. With in this one an half hours it destroyed almost everything. Our house was made of wood and tin. So, within one hour one of it’s side was broken down then with my family i go to the mosque to take shelter.

When the storm stopped then with the torch light I go out to see what kind of damage it create. A catastropic damage was made by this strom. It broke almost 60 houses of our village. The most catastrophic damage was created by uprooted tree. Most of the house was broken for the fall of trees. In our village one old man and one children was died for the house broken.

The most damaged hapaned in the agricultural crop and fish farm. For this sudden strome crops are grounded and fish farm was affected for the was fish died. Most of the fish was died for the decomposition of uprooted trees leave( shortage of oxigen in water BOD).

Further statement:

After that catastrophic damage the people of our village become aware about this natural disaster. The local governor visited the area and give the responsibility of reduce damage to the community leader. After that with the help of chairman of the union period several meeting arranged.

By this different problem and causes was identified, as a result a nice solution was made by this community management.

The most important decision was nobody should plant woody trees beside the house. There must be a 20 to 30 meter distant from the house. A volunteer team was made for this kind of disaster. I was a member of that team. Our chairman's house and two local leader houses was decided for the shelter house durind this kind of disater. If any kind of signal was came then alluncing this news by the mosque bike to go to the shelter house, was decided by that meeting.

Now the people of that area know how they can reduce their damage of that kind of storm. Now they try to make their house strong enough to protect from the storm. For this kind of problem they save some money and food to use after the storm.

Now they know where they need to plant the woody tree and which step have to take before, during and after this kind of natural disaster.The people of this union believed they were aware enough to prevent the damage of this kind of natural disaster in the future.

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