ADPC-iPrepare: Massive landslide in Batali hill, Chittagong

Massive landslide in Batali hill, Chittagong

chittgong, Bangladesh

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Landslide occurs where natural soil is too weak to sustain hill slope. Rain water percolates through upper surface of the hill, causing increased weight of soil that causes landslide. Landslide that suddenly rushes down causes great destruction across Batali hill area on Friday, July 1, 2011. At least three children and eight people had been killed in landslide in Batali hill due to torrential rains in the tiger pass intersection, Chittagong.

Officer-in-charge of Khulshi Police Station Abu Jafar Mohammad Omar Faruque said “a rescue operation was on to recover the people still remained trapped. Fire service officials said six hillside shanties were buried when a huge chunk of earth and a retaining wall collapsed around 7 am, leaving the three dead and many others trapped”.

“The body of one ,Anwar, 25, was recovered around 11am and sent it to Chittagong Medical College Hospital. Colony residents dug out the two dead bodies before rescuers arrived. Police and fire-fighters were working to clear the debris” local resident Rahima Begeum (34) said.

Witnesses realized this landslide happened due to absence of early warming, forced downhill risky settlement in hills, unregulated cutting of the hills by real estate companies.

I think, the measures or protection for the risky hills may minimize the hazard. Preparedness level of the local community is lost due to any hazard multiplies in less aware community. So the awareness within the people to evacuate the risky hill toes will be the safer policy to take. To reduce the risk from landslide following measures should be taken:

1. Planting natural vegetation to stabilize the soil from sliding.

2. Evacuating risky hill toes and Rehabilitating low income people from the risky hill toes.

3. Building structures should be constructed in hilly areas following codes and laws.

4. During the construction protective measures should be taken to avoid landslide.

5. Introduced the landslide susceptibility mapping/ hazard area identification (upper figure) and the community should develop their community action plan.

6. Restriction for unplanned settlement in hilly region.

7. CDA Master Plan should be flowed mandatory.

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