ADPC-iPrepare: Water logging: Drainage becomes a threat for Mirpur

Water logging: Drainage becomes a threat for Mirpur

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Post by Tasnim Shams  
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Generally, additional rainfall makes water logged in an area. There are many reasons behind the occurrence of water logging. But I insist on the mismanagement of drainage system in our area for the occurrence of this disaster.

Water passes through the drain. But in our society, throwing of solid wastes in the drains is a common scene. A large number of polythene bags, torn shoes, bags, ropes are found in the drain now a days.

These wastes block the drainage system. Mr. Ripon, a resident of our area, gave his opinion regarding this issue. He says, “How the rain water will remove from the road? There is no way to move the water. All drains are trapped with dirt. Rain water and waste water are inundated together.”

A sweeper of Dhaka City Corporation says, “We have nothing to do. We have no tracks for the removal of clay. That’s why we have to deposit them on the road side.”

Another thing is that in our area drains are not as wide as it should be. That’s why a heavy flow of water can not pass through the drain. People have a less concern about it. All housing projects advertise that they have high rise buildings, sufficient facilities but they never show their management of drainage system in the advertisement.

Some preparation should be taken to control water logging.

Public awareness is the first step in disaster preparedness.

Any kind of public awareness campaign has not been arranged regarding the mismanagement of drainage system till now. I think we should distribute leaflets in our community in order to alert people so that they can not throw dirt into drain. Fine should be imposed if they do so.

The roads of our area are rugged. But manholes have been made here in relatively high places. As a result water can not be moved from the low lying lands. So, if residents contribute to make manholes in both high and low places then rain water will not stagnant over a long period of time.

We can cover up the drain with a lid so that waste can not get into the drain.

If any kind of shop or garbage is located around the drain, we should remove them immediately. Drain should be cleaned time to time and residents have to monitor this.

Drain should be made according to the landforms and approximate flow of water.

By this, we can not completely eliminate water logging. But adequate preparedness can protect my area in a small amount from this major disaster.

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