ADPC-iPrepare: Threatening condition of the people of the coastal region

Threatening condition of the people of the coastal region

Khulna, Bangladesh

Post by Mohsina Aktar   and Sumaiya Mafruha
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We were in paikgacha on 12th September 2014, for a survey on their present living condition. By asking them we came to know their present terrifying condition which is really heart aching.

During AYLA and even now they are fighting with the natural calamities always and are trying to adopt and recover. But every time nature plays the nasty role with them.

Mander Gazi, a farmer of others land, about 60 years old, said that, “I have 8 members in my family. Every year we produce about 20000kg rice. But this amount cannot fulfill our yearly food demand, income and the cultivation cost. The soil and water both have high salinity. We use sugar for the cultivation. The cultivation becomes more costly for the lack of rainfall and pure water. After 1970, random disaster snatched our all, our land, money even our hope. Repaying half of the losses of one disaster, another comes. We do not know what we will do in future’’.

As Bangladesh is a developing country, there is too many problems here. But we believe that our province will become well prepared in very short days and will be able to overcome the damages from every disaster and provide peoples their basic needs

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