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Working together to reduce private sector loss

When a disaster strikes, a city's resiliency depends, to a large extent, on its private sector's ability to recover. Likewise, businesses impacted by disaster need to assure that their employees and infrastructures are protected and endure minimal impacts to get business back to normal, as soon as possible.

In addition to public sector services, ADPC supports the private enterprises' engagement with government agencies in disaster risk reduction activities. Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) offers a framework and practiced method for this cooperation, which involves government agencies and private sector entities that share aims and responsibilities, with mutual benefits to both parties. By entering into a public-private partnership, a business can have a guaranteed financial benefit, and the local government can reduce its public spending.

ADPC supports private enterprises by offering scientific information valuable for risk assessment, and identifying the current government policy frameworks on assisting the enterprises to prevent, respond, and recover from natural hazards. It also raises capacities of enterprises to use scientific information and other data in composing business continuity and management plans. With experience working closely with governments and local communities in the region, ADPC is able to offer a comprehensive approach to strengthen the resilience of the private sector to natural hazards.

Through an open commitment to corporate social responsibility private businesses can communicate the importance of disaster risk reduction to their clients, stakeholders, and multinational partners.