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Pursuant to Article 5 (b) of the ADPC Charter the Advisory Council is established as a formal organ of ADPC. Its main composition and functions are described in Articles 7.1-4 of the Charter. The ADPC Charter describes the role and function of the ADPC Advisory Council as a network of eminent professionals to guide ADPC in furtherance of its vision and objectives.

Specifically, the ADPC Charter call for the Advisory Council members to:

  1. Identify the disaster-related needs of countries in Asia and the Pacific and communicate them to ADPC.
  2. Assist in identifying opportunities for ADPC to help meet the disaster-related needs of countries and communities in Asia and the Pacific, and to provide guidance to ADPC on how to achieve its vision and objectives.
  3. At the invitation of the Executive Director, to review or advise on relevant portions of the ADPC strategy, work program or other specific activities.

The Advisory Council members are as follow:

Please contact adpc@adpc.net for further information