16th Training Course on Flood Disaster Risk Management

Date:  5 - 9 Dec 2022

Venue: Bangkok (Face to Face), Thailand




The course will provide participants with the insightful knowledge and skills necessary to avoid or at least mitigate the impacts of floods.


The course is highly relevant given that floods alone account for 40% of the natural hazards in the Region. Lessons will be identified from a number of recent major floods, including those in Bangladesh, India, Cambodia, Pakistan, Philippines and Thailand.


The course is ideal for: professionals working or interested in the flood disaster risk management: policy and decision makers; elected and/or appointed national or local officials and administrators; development and planning authorities; water engineers and flood control professionals, personnel involved in urban planning; and individuals’ interest in learning the nature of flood disaster risk management.


A week course will be conducted in the Face to Face modality and based on adult learning methodologies and tools with a heavy emphasis on practical application of case studies. Interactive tools and role play will demonstrate practical aspects while theoretical basis will be provided. Participants are encouraged to bring their own program frameworks to use as the main learning tools and to ensure practical application of the lessons and concepts discussed.


There are 2 options of the course fee, they are US$ 1,600.00 (with accommodation) and US$ 1,300.00 (without accommodation).


Interested individuals and organizations can register online at

For more information about the course, you may also contact Thanyaphat Sirasakpureekul at and telephone numbers +66 22980681 to 92 Ext. 134.

Due to limited slots for this course, interested parties must register on or before June 03, 2022.


If you are selected to attend the course, the payment should be transferred to ADPC's account through a bank transfer not later than June 10, 2022. Otherwise, your participation will be cancelled.