4th Public Health in Crisis Course

Date:  1 Jun - 1 Aug 2021

Venue: Thammasat University, Bangkok




Natural and constructed hazards, new and re-emerging pathogens, conflict and rising inequity are all contributing to an ever increasing burden of mass human suffering worldwide. These threats put exposed populations at a much higher risk of new diseases, new disabilities and early death, and drain much needed resources away from development in countries which
can least afford it. Other global factors such as climate change, aging societies, urbanization, globalization, antibiotic resistance, mass migration and the politics of isolationist nationalism complicate the context in which humanitarian and first responder agencies have to operate, More than ever, innovative public health approaches to populations in crisis are needed.

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The international Global Health Program of the Faculty of Public Health at Thammasat University (FPH-TU) in Thailand will open its course on Public Health and Crisis to external candidates.

This 4 week course is an elective component of the Faculty’s MPH (Global Health) curriculum. The course consists of 4 linked modules, and external candidates have the opportunity to join the whole course or to choose specific modules which suit their needs.

This course aims to equip mid-level management public health professionals with essential knowledge and insights on public health emergencies and the importance for health systems to prepare and respond to humanitarian emergencies, and
to plan for and guide recovery.