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Three decades of capacity building on disaster risk reduction across Asia and the pacific

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A vast array of customized courses on disaster, climate change and resilience building


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ADPC Academy


To help build and strengthen capacity of government agencies, organizations and communities to reduce the impact of disasters.
To facilitate and promote partnerships and networks among training institutes and academia and to enable experience sharing and lessons learned.
To maintain recognition as a proactive and responsive regional resource center for training services.

The ADPC Academy provides specialized disaster and climate resilience training for governments and international and non-governmental organizations. The courses offered by ADPC Academy cover key areas in disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation through diverse and customized approaches. We regularly update training curricula in alignment with the priorities of regional and global development frameworks.

ADPC Academy is the capacity development department of ADPC, hosting all of the ADPC flagship training programs. ADPC Academy supports other training activities by conducting comprehensive capacity needs assessment (CNA) and training needs assessments (TNA), designing training modules, ensuring delivery, and conducting evaluations. It fosters long-term partnerships with institutional partners, national training institutions, and research and development agencies across Asia and the Pacific and beyond to provide customized training and capacity development tools for the classroom and e-learning modalities.

 ADPC Academy was established following a strategic evaluation of disaster preparedness and response capacity throughout Asia that recommended capacity building as a key component for effective preparedness. Since then, the training and capacity development initiative has become one of ADPC’s principal and recognized initiatives for its expertise.