Cambodia Post-Ketsana Disaster Needs Assessment ADPC: Cambodia Post-Ketsana Disaster Needs Assessment

Published on: 07/08/2010

Language: English

Author(s): Royal Government of Cambodia; supported by World Bank, GFDRR, UN System, ADB, and ADPC

Department: Disaster Risk Management System

Type: Progress and Assessment Reports

File size: 3.04 MB


Publication Overview/Description

Typhoon Ketsana hit Cambodia on September 29/30, 2009, causing incredible damage and loss, affecting some 50,000 families, leaving 43 people dead and 67 severely injured.

The Report evaluates the damages and losses registered in a number of sectors, affected by the Ketsana Typhoon, and thus goes much beyond emergency aid requirements as it addresses medium- and longer term needs for recovery, high-resilience reconstruction and sustainable restoration of livelihoods of the affected population.