Building Resilience Through Inclusive and Climate-adaptive Disaster Risk Reduction in Asia-Pacific

Duration: 1 Jan 2018 - 31 Mar 2023

Department: RSG

Donor Agency: Sida

Location: Regional, Nepal, Philippines, Papua New Guinea,


Over the 5 year period (2018-2022), the program will take stock, build upon and enhance current and existing knowledge, relationships and good practice to create inclusive solutions which do not threaten current political relationships but enhance a rights-based approach to inclusive DRR. Through collaborative learning at the regional level, the program adds value to existing work by sharing of experiences, absorbing new information priorities, successful barriers and cooperating to find new solutions. The strength of this approach is for DRR actors to demonstrate existing excellence and new approaches in a usable way at the operational level and to build co-ownership and cooperation to enable them to replicate approaches in their contexts.

This program targets to achieve three main outcomes:

Outcome 1: Strengthened capacity for regional cooperation to build resilience to future climate and disaster risks in Asia Pacific

Outcome 2: Increased uptake of risk-informed approaches to development and social protection to reduce disaster and climate vulnerability

Outcome 3: Enhanced gender equality and rights-based approaches in disaster risk management and climate change adaptation in the region.