Self-care, mental health and gender approaches during the COVID-19 pandemic

Bangkok, Thailand
Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC) and the Philippine Embassy in Thailand conducted a workshop on ‘Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) and Gender Approaches Pertinent to Filipinos during COVID-19’. The workshop aimed to familiarize Embassy staff with basic concepts on mental health, gender and self-care.

The Ocean, our climate and weather

Bangkok, Thailand
In celebration of World Meteorological Day 2021, hear from ADPC's experts on the complex relationship between oceans, extreme weather events and climate change and how ADPC is supporting Pacific island nations in building disaster and climate resilience.

Determining the true value of water – the need for intersectoral cooperation

Bangkok, Thailand

This World Water Day, hear from Asian Disaster Preparedness Center's climate experts on the true value of water, the impact of climate change, COVID-19 and the importance of intersectoral cooperation.

A recipe for success - Cookbook on institutionalising sustainable community-based disaster risk management.

Bangkok, Thailand
Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC) organized a Local Leadership Forum in 2019 which allowed knowledge-sharing and discussion on advancing localization on disaster risk management. The forum also provided an opportunity to launch a 'Cookbook on Institutionalising Sustainable CBDRM'.

Celebrating Women and Girls in Science 2021

Bangkok, Thailand
On the occasion of International Day of Women in Science 2021, ADPC developed digital postcards featuring stories from ADPC female staff and CARE for South Asia female specialists in science and technical positions who are leaders in their own field.

Improving Risk Governance amidst COVID-19 in Asia and the Pacific

Bangkok, Thailand

A collection of twelve Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) status reports have been prepared by Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC) and United Nations Office on Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR). The Status Report 2020 provides a snapshot on the state of DRR in the countries under the four priorities of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (SFDRR) 2015-2030.

Making in-roads into Afghanistan to upskill emergency response capacities

Kabul, Afghanistan

Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC) provided technical support to State Ministry for Disaster Management and Humanitarian Affairs for the official launch and country planning meeting of the Program for Enhancement of Emergency Response (PEER-5). The program is funded by the United States Agency for International Development, Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (USAID BHA).

Winners announced for TechEmerge Resilience India Challenge

Bangkok, Thailand
World Bank announces the 10 winners of TechEmerge Resilience India, who will receive grant funding from the Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC).

Brainstorming mental health and psychosocial support in the New Normal

Bangkok, Thailand
Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC) hosted a webinar on ‘Mental Health in Emergencies: Greater Investment, Greater Access’ to learn from other sectors and countries’ approaches in coping with the COVID-19 pandemic.

International Symposium on Multi-Hazard Early Warning and Disaster Risk Reduction calls for more efforts to link science with policy

Colombo, Sri Lanka
International Symposium on Multi-Hazard Early Warning and Disaster Risk Reduction concluded with the adoption of the Colombo Declaration, which calls for greater efforts to accelerate the use of science, technology and data for policy formulation, and to promote an end-to-end multi-hazard approach to early warning.