Launch of the Strengthening and Amplifying Resilience Through Innovation (‘‘SARTHI’’) Initiative in India

Launch of the Strengthening and Amplifying Resilience Through Innovation (‘‘SARTHI’’) Initiative in India

24 Feb 2022

New Delhi, India

ADPC is collaborating with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) to launch the ‘Strengthening and Amplifying Resilience Through Innovation (SARTHI)’ initiative.

The initiative aims to support mature innovation solutions derived from the Indian context to be given global prominence by showcasing products, tools, and approaches for tackling disaster risk management (DRM) and health emergency-related challenges at regional and global platforms.

DRM operations are becoming more complex and require changing technologies, approaches, tools, and more efficient and cost-effective solutions that are easily accessible and adaptable across the spectrum of the disaster management cycle.

Climate change-induced disasters have been a key factor in the rapid surge of health emergencies, while the COVID-19 pandemic poses an additional burden on already-strained health infrastructure.

ADPC is working on amplifying diverse and burgeoning innovations in the ‘New Normal’ context, with a focus on disaster and pandemic preparedness. The private sector is also emerging as an important stakeholder for promoting novel solutions for application in the field of DRM.

The SARTHI Initiative invites applicants to submit their profiles and details of their innovative solutions related to DRM and health emergencies under the following themes:
Theme 1: Risk communication: Solutions for promoting risk understanding, communication, and awareness-raising
Theme 2: Early warning: Last Mile connectivity through effective early warning and timely dissemination of information
Theme 3: Health systems & infrastructure strengthening (in pandemic and post-pandemic context)
Theme 4: Promotion of cleaner, climate-friendly technologies and improved environmental management practices for enhanced livelihood sustainability and fostering resilience

Applications for Innovators to apply to the SARTHI Challenge will be open from 25 February 2022, via the following link: Registration Link.

The deadline for applications has been extended and is now open until 7 April 2022 at 18:00 India Standard Time (ICT).

Please see more information in the brochure: Download Brochure.