APDC Academy 2018 training course details available

APDC Academy 2018 training course details available

22 Feb 2018

Bangkok, Thailand

ADPC is pleased to announce the details for the 2018 training courses are now available. Courses for 2018 include Post Disaster Needs Assessment and Resilient Recovery, Gender in Disaster Risk Reduction, Disaster Risk Communication, Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction, and Disaster Management.

New to ADPC Academy, the 1st Post Disaster Needs Assessment and Resilient Recovery aims to build institutional arrangements and capacities to anticipate and prepare for post-disaster assessment and recovery, using internationally-accepted methodologies which are adapted to specific country requirements.

To target the mission of inclusive disaster risk reduction of the 2030 Agenda, the 2nd Gender in Disaster Risk Reduction aims to develop competencies of DRR practitioners on gender considerations throughout the program management cycle: from assessment, analysis, planning to implementation, monitoring and evaluation. The 2nd Disaster Risk Communication is designed to help participants understand disaster risk communication principles and apply them to disaster risk reduction.

Onto ADPC classics, the 26th Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction aims to provide learners with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience through scenario-based simulation exercises and community interaction. ADPC’s flagship course, the 48th Disaster Management, covers skills and knowledge on multi-hazard, multi-level, multi-agency, and multi-disciplinary facets, and address both event-related activities as well as those that need to be undertaken on a daily basis to mitigate the potential impacts of natural hazards.

ADPC has been a premier source for training and capacity building in disaster risk reduction and climate resilience in the Asia and the Pacific region and beyond since its inception in 1986. A broad spectrum of people from government, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations and academia engage with ADPC’s training courses every year.

For more information on courses, dates, and fees, please visit the ADPC Academy or the Training Courses 2018 brochure.