ADPC’s revised Strategy 2020 is available

ADPC’s revised Strategy 2020 is available

20 Feb 2018

Bangkok , Thailand

ADPC has released its revised Strategy 2020. Providing an overview of the organization’s strategic approach for the remaining years, the strategy also recognizes the linkages between disaster risk management, poverty reduction, gender equality, sustainability, climate change, and regional cooperation.

Launched in 2011, ADPC's Strategy 2020 guided the organization to provide comprehensive risk reduction support to countries and communities in Asia and the Pacific. ADPC revised its Strategy 2020 to align the organization's work with new priorities and areas of focus as highlighted in the post-2015 global frameworks for disasters and development.

The revised strategy consists of six distinct strategic themes—Risk Governance, Climate Resilience, Resilient Recovery, Preparedness for Response, Health Risk Management, and Urban Resilience—and three cross-cutting themes—Gender and Diversity, Poverty and Livelihoods, and Regional and Transboundary Cooperation. Together, these independent yet interdisciplinary themes renew ADPC's commitment to reduce disaster and climate risk impacts on communities and countries in the region and deliver on the outcomes envisioned by global frameworks.

The soft copy of the strategy is available. Please download here