Building Agro-ecosystem Resilience in a Changing Climate

Building Agro-ecosystem Resilience in a Changing Climate

29 May - 1 Jun 2017

Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam

Members of ADPC with representatives of the Sub-Institute of Hydrometeorology and Climate Change, which is a sister institute of the Institute of Meteorology Hydrology and Environment (IMHEN), during the book launch ceremony, a part of the ‘Agro-ecosystem Resilience in a Changing Climate' workshop.

ADPC organized a four-day training course for government ministries and local authorities to enhance their understanding of mainstreaming weather and climate information application for agro-ecosystem resilience in a changing climate.

The training course ‘Agro-ecosystem Resilience in a Changing Climate’ focused on improving agricultural livelihoods while enhancing agro-ecosystem services and functions. Technical experts and facilitators discussed interventions which can mitigate undesirable impacts within the ecosystem and improve the ecological resilience.

With an emphasis on climate change and climate variability and its impacts on ecosystem services, the training sessions covered areas of resources utilization and creating pathways for sustainable development, risk reduction, and resilience.

Funded by the Asia Pacific Network and implemented under the Capacity Development Programme (CAPaBLE), the training course was part of a project called “Mainstreaming Weather and Climate Information Application for Agro-ecosystem Resilience in a Changing Climate”. It aims to create awareness and build capacities of government officials on mainstreaming weather and climate information, resulting in enhancement of agro-ecosystem resilience through adaptive technological solutions.

Dr. Rishiraj Dutta, Technical Specialist (Climate Risk Management) addresses the participants during the workshop.

ADPC has recently developed a training course book on ‘Agro-Ecosystem Resilience in a Changing Climate’ that was launched and tested during this activity. The book was launched by Dr. Mai Van Khiem, Deputy Director General of the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology, and Environment, and Director of Sub-Institute of Hydrometeorology and Climate Change.

Being a knowledge- and evidence-based activity, the training course assisted 25 officials and professionals through four modules especially in developing skills to enhance their knowledge on agro-ecosystem resilience

It is expected that the training activity will allow participants to transfer the knowledge that they have gained into an actual situation, which will help them understand how to design interventions to build agro-ecosystem resilience.

You can download the course workbook by clicking this link.

Participants and facilitators pause for a group photo during the workshop.