Pakistan water conference on emerging challenges

Islamabad, Pakistan – Pakistan's intensive water demand from its people and economy requires carefully-coordinated management to preserve this precious resource. ADPC's experts took part in a national water conference that set important milestones for future discussions on plans, priorities and cooperation.

Innovation, inclusion, and finance: 16th Meeting of the Regional Consultative Committee on Disaster Management (RCC) held online

Bangkok, Thailand – The 16th meeting of the Regional Consultative Committee on Disaster Management (RCC) concluded on 1 October 2021 with an emphasis on accelerating the implementation of global disaster and climate frameworks through the financing of, and regional cooperation on resilient development.

Green initiatives can enhance urban climate resilience

Bangkok, Thailand – Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC), in partnership with the University of Southern Denmark (SDU), co-organized the webinar on "Green Initiatives for enhancing Urban Climate Resilience in Southeast Asia" to showcase success stories from the Southeast Asian region where green initiatives have been adopted to build urban resilience to climate extremes.

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