Notification of Award

iCARE Innovation Fund Notification of Award

We are thrilled to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the following innovators whose projects have been selected for the iCARE Innovations Fund: 

S.# Country Thematic Area Innovation Title Lead Organization 
Scaling-Up Innovations 
1.        Bangladesh, 


Climate Smart Agriculture SmartFarm – A Complete Climate Advisory Dissemination System CropIn Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd 
2.        Bhutan Resilient Infrastructure Satellite and AI-Driven Climate Resilience Tool for Bhutan Geoneon Pvt Ltd 
3.        Maldives Climate Information and Analytics Heylhi 2.0: A mobile application for Enhancing Coastal Monitoring in small islands Small Island Geographic Society (SIGS) 


4.        Nepal Climate Information and Analytics Digital and Spatial Technologies for Anticipatory Action (DASTAA) Naxa Pvt. Ltd 
5.        Pakistan Climate Information and Analytics Upscaling of customized irrigation and climate advisory services through citizen science Inara Technologies (Private) Limited/ PCRWR 
6.        Sri Lanka Climate Smart Agriculture Strengthening commercially oriented urban and peri-urban farming community through smart polytunnels EMBSYS Pvt. Ltd. 
7.Nepal Resilient Infrastructure

Climate Resilient Infrastructure for Social Transformation and Adaptation (CRISTA) – 2.0

Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)


S.#CountryThematic Area Innovation Title Lead Organization 
Pilot Innovations 
1.        Bangladesh Integrated Water Resources Management Social Innovation Through Technology Nudging: Developing a Behavioral Toolkit for Diffusing Solar Irrigation Durham University 
2.        Bangladesh Early Warning Systems for All Digital Innovation in EWS- Building Climate Resilience in Bangladesh – Disaster Alert for BD Practical Action 
3.        Bhutan Early Warning Systems for All Early Warning and Decision Support System for Energy Infrastructure Resilience in the GBM Basin Think Blue Data Co., Ltd. 
4.        India Effective Investments in Climate Adaptation Hyper-local medium-range weather forecasts to improve the climate resilience of smallholder coffee farmers in India Precision Development (PxD) 
5.        India Resilient Infrastructure Jal Mitra (meaning ‘Water Friend’) an application to connect consumers, vendors and technicians to build resilience of water infrastructure The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) 
6.        Nepal Climate-Smart Agriculture  Building Climate Resilience Through Aquaponics in Rural and Peri – Urban Areas of NepalWindPower Nepal Pvt Ltd 
7.        Nepal Integrated Water Resources Management VICTORY: Visualizing the Power of Citizen Science through Observations and Repository for Anticipatory Action  Institute of Himalayan Risk Reduction
8.        Pakistan Climate-Smart Agriculture Calculating Evapotranspiration using GIS and Remote Sensing Techniques for Calculating Crop Water Productivity in Sindh Province, Pakistan  Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)
9.Pakistan Climate-Smart Agriculture  High Throughput Crop Monitoring using Computer Vision for Climate Smart Agriculture University of Agriculture Faisalabad

iCARE team commends the dedication of all applicants to addressing critical challenges in various thematic areas. The team will be reaching out to each of the successful innovators bilaterally to discuss the work plan and budget. This collaborative effort aims to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your projects further. 

Once again, we congratulate all successful innovators on their well-deserved success and look forward to the positive impact of innovations for a Climate Adaptive and Resilient South Asia. 

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