iCARE Innovations Fund

Partnership, Applicability and Scalability of Innovations and Technologies for 

Climate Resilience in South Asia

Climate-Smart Agriculture

Countries are seeking solutions to make agroforestry, agriculture and aquaculture more resilient to the deleterious effects of climate change while trying to promote adaptations that enhance food and nutrition security while protecting the environment. 

Specific areas:

    • Measuring climate extremes and impacts on crop yields
    • Leveraging indigenous knowledge, integrating with technology (real time early warning) to adopt community-level smart agriculture practices
    • Farming technology interventions (Agroforestry; Sloping Agriculture Land Technology (SALT); Integrated pest management; Greenhouse farming)
    • Digital agriculture – Tailored climate-informed advisories to enhance production and resilience of small-holder farmers engaged in activities related to agriculture, livestock, and dairy