iCARE Process

Partnership, Applicability and Scalability of Innovations and Technologies for Climate Resilience in South Asia

Applicant’s Eligibility Criteria

  • ADPC will accept applications from public sector organizations, companies, and organizations (including non-profit, non-governmental, civil society organizations, and think tanks) operating lawfully in any country or territory with experience deploying climate-resilient technology solutions in low-income or developing countries.
  • The applicant must demonstrate that they have been operating under its business name for a period of more than one year.
  • The applicant must demonstrate that they have handled at least 2 successful projects with a minimum value of USD 50,000 in the past 3 years showcasing its capability of handling USD 100,000 for the innovation.
  • The applicant must have the financial capacity to provide the goods and/or services. Financial capacity will be assessed by comparing the applicants’ revenues to the value of the proposed contract(s) during the due diligence process.
  • Applicants will be required to demonstrate experience in deploying such a technology or solution in any SAR country.
  • ADPC will also accept applications from consortia. For this purpose, ADPC defines consortium applications as those submitted by formal consortia only, i.e., where two or more organizations come together to create a new, formally constituted organization with its own organizational accounts.
  • Privately owned companies, including those with experience providing innovative climate resilient technology solutions in South Asia.
  • The solution must be at least a Minimum Viable Product/prototype (MVP) that has been deployed with test results and status, including reasons for taking up or not taking up.
  • The solution should be able to show its outreach and benefit to both citizens and relevant government agencies.

Geographical Scope

Only projects implemented in South Asian Region (SAR) countries of Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are eligible for funding under this call. The innovation needs to be piloted at the National or Sub-national levels and may include the lowest administrative unit in order to showcase maximum impact. Discussion and Letter of Support from end user (Ministries/Department/Authority is needed)

Duration and Funds

Each funded project must reach its financial closure within 15 months after signing the grant agreement. Total funds proposed to be made available are USD 1 Million. Around 8 to 10 innovations will be selected using grants up to USD 100,000.


Activity Date
iCARE launch on the sidelines of Disaster Resilience Week at UNESCAP, Bangkok 25 July 2023
Call for proposals 3 August 2023
Deadline of receiving proposals Internal review by ADPC Review by iCARE Global Technical Advisory Committee (GTAG) World Bank review 28 August 2023 4 September 2023 11 September 2023 18 September 2023
Announcement of selected innovators 21 September 2023
Inception workshop 26 September 2023
Due diligence and award of contract 11 October 2023
Commencement of work 11 October 2023
Implementation of selected innovations 11 October 2023 – 31 December 2024
Mid-term Review May – June 2024
Lessons learned workshop February 2025
Final independent evaluation of implemented innovations March – May 2025

Submission of Applications

Applications must be submitted before the call deadline (please refer to the timetable in Section 4) electronically to the designated email address: innovationgrants@adpc.net.

The complete proposal submission package and the Request for Proposal Form can be downloaded from the procurement notice page at www.adpc.net. Submission acknowledgment mail will be sent from the designated email.

Note: Hard-copy submissions are NOT accepted. The application package must contain the following:

  • Part A: Applicant Information
  • Part B: Technical Proposal
  • Part C: Financial Proposal
  • Part D: Pre-Award Financial Management Capability Assessment
  • Part E: Certificate of eligibility and authority to sign proposal
  • Part F: Checklist/Documents to be submitted by Applicants

Selection Process

Shortlisting of applications: ADPC will review and carry out a general eligibility screening for compliance by scanning submitted applications with a simple Yes/No with remarks. The qualitative assessment will be based on the technical and operational considerations that form the basis for initial screening.

  1. Need-based: The proposed solution is need-based and accompanied by an expression of interest from a specific government entity for implementation or upscaling in a specific geographical location.
  2. Human-centered: The proposed solution is guided by a human-centered design and includes all expected stakeholders.
  3. Customization: The proposed solution offers the possibility for local customization in addition to the use of local skills and materials.
  4. Implementable: The proposed solution comes with an assumption of low-resource and low-skill environment.
  5. Sustainable: The proposed solution reflects a sustainable business model for all aspects of the technology.
  6. Aspirational: The proposed solution has a potential for a ‘game-changing’ impact.
  7. Affordable: Cost-effective and affordable solutions are encouraged for submissions.
  8. Impact: The extent to which the solution has the potential to make a difference to the chances of the pilot achieving commercial sustainability and development impact.
  9. Relevance: Relevance to the current priorities of SAR countries & components of CARE for South Asia project.
  10. Capability: Operational and Institutional capability to pilot the solution.

Key criteria for finalization: The shortlisted applications will be submitted to each jury member to assess, and score based on the following criteria.

Innovation: Mainly in terms of the potential increase or quality of impact, efficiency, or effectiveness it delivers.

Demonstrated technology/solution: The technology/solution is in the post-testing stage and in a form where it can be piloted or deployed.

Ability to execute: The team or company has the managerial ability and technical capacity to take forward a deployment.

Fit to needs: The solution addresses a real and significant climate change resilience.

Application and Review process

  • Screening of proposals against formal criteria
  • Internal review by ADPC
  • Review by iCARE Global Technical Advisory Group (iCARE-GTAG)
  • Review and approval by World Bank
  • Successful proposals informed of selection for potential funding contingent on meeting any specific conditions
  • Unsuccessful applicants notified at the same time
  • Successful applicants resubmit amended final proposals and budget

Grant Agreement

Applicants awarded funding will be invited to sign a grant agreement. The grant agreement between ADPC and the successful applicants will be prepared based on the standard ADPC grant agreement available at: www.adpc.net/icare. The provisions of the grant agreement are not negotiable and will be signed in English.

Agreement preparations will involve a dialogue between ADPC and the applicant to fine-tune the project’s technical and financial aspects. It may include adjustments or corrections to the proposal to address recommendations of the evaluation committee, such as changes to the grant amount and its scheduling over the project milestones or other changes. The failure to comply with the requirements by the applicant may lead to the non-signature of the grant agreement.

The application submission implies the acceptance of the terms and conditions of the grant agreement and this call for proposals. Applicants are invited to carefully read the grant agreement, including the annexes, before applying.

Successful grant agreement preparation leads to a signature of the grant agreement. The grant will not be considered awarded until both parties sign the grant agreement.

Progress Reporting and Payment Arrangements

The reporting and payment arrangements and relevant time limits will be fixed in the grant agreement with a subsequent performance guarantee. The following points summarize the main obligations of the grantees that will be further specified in the grant agreement.

Progress Reports

The grantees will be required to report the progress of the project in terms of delivery of work packages, activities, and project milestones, Results Framework indicators, challenges encountered concerning project technical, financial, and operational aspects, and how they are addressed within the given timeframe to meet the performance guarantee. The grantees will be required to submit the following progress reports:

  • Monthly Progress Reports
  • Mid-term Review Report
  • Final Completion Report

The grantees are required to prepare the reports using the template provided by ADPC.


Payments will be disbursed upon reaching the milestones established in the grant agreement. The payment of the lump sum shares will be subject to the proper implementation of the action or the achievement of the results and the completion of the work packages in accordance with the grant agreement during the reporting period.

The maximum grant amount will only be paid out if the project completes the agreed milestones over the entire project duration, the grantee submits a final report, and all other claims made during the application regarding the degree of innovation and scalability are fulfilled.

Performance Guarantee

Unfulfillment of the performance guarantee may result in grant reduction and recovery in case the grantees do not comply with the outcomes and procedures specified in the grant agreement. The amount will be fully recovered if the project fails to demonstrate any real avoidance of claims made during the application regarding the degree of innovation and scalability.

Application Guidelines

By participating in the Open Call, each applicant unconditionally accepts and agrees to comply with and abide by the Terms & Conditions and the decisions of ADPC as the Implementing Agency, which shall be final and binding in all respects. ADPC reserves the right to make changes at any time to these Terms & Conditions and any additional terms and policies referenced herein. Any such changes will become effective upon releasing an online notice through the iCARE website, email, or other means of wide dissemination.

Applicants are informed to consider the following.

Preparing the Application

Before submitting their application, applicants must carefully read the present Call text and its annexes. It is strongly advised to submit proposals sufficiently in advance of the deadline to avoid any last-minute problems. Any technical problems due to last-minute submissions will be at the applicants’ risk.


ADPC reserves the right, in addition to those other rights reserved herein, to modify any dates or deadlines set forth in these Terms & Conditions or otherwise governing the Open Call and Initiative overall.

Changes to the Call

Should there be any change at any time to the Call, information will be published on the ADPC website. All interested parties are advised to check the ADPC website regularly. ADPC reserves the right to change or cancel the Call. In the event ADPC, in its sole discretion, deems that an insufficient number of eligible entries are received or that ADPC is prevented from continuing with the Open Call and/or Program overall, as contemplated herein by any event beyond its control, including, without limitation, fire, flood, natural or man-made epidemic, earthquake, explosion, labor dispute or strike, act of God or public enemy, satellite or equipment failure, riot or civil disturbance, terrorist threat or activity, war (declared or undeclared) or any federal state or local government law, order, or regulation, public health crisis, order of any court or jurisdiction, or other cause not reasonably within ADPC’s control (“Force Majeure”), ADPC shall have the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the Open Call and/or the Initiative. Please note that changes and cancellations are without entitlement to compensation.

Costs and Expenses of the Application

The applicant will bear all costs and expenses incurred by the applicant in preparing their application. There will be no recourse for recovering these costs, regardless of the outcome of the evaluation. All applications relating to this Call for proposals are made under the sole responsibility of the applicants and at their own risk.

General Liability Release / Force Majeure

Each applicant agrees that ADPC shall not be responsible or liable for any losses, damages, expenses, liabilities, or injuries of any kind (including death) claimed to have resulted from participation in the Open Call. Applicants are also responsible to address the applicable WB ESS standards in their application and provide mitigation measures and the level of risk vis-a-vis the relevant standards. The applicants must monitor and report the risk on the monthly progress reports.

Notification of Changes

Applicants are required, without delay, to inform ADPC of any change that may impact the eligibility of the project or their operational and financial capacity. All changes must be notified to the following email address: innovationgrants@adpc.net.

Language of Application

To ensure a swift and expedient evaluation, applicants must submit their applications and supporting documents in English. The grant agreement, project management, formal reporting, key deliverables, and all communication with ADPC will be in English.

Request of information after Submission

Where an applicant wishes to seek further information or clarification in relation to a submitted application, they are requested to submit a written request to ADPC electronically at the following email address: innovationgrants@adpc.net.

Representations and Warranties/Indemnification

By participating in the Open Call, each applicant represents, warrants, and covenants as follows: (a) applicant is the sole author, creator, and owner of the Submission; (b) the Submission is not the subject of any actual or threatened litigation or claim; (c) the Submission does not and will not violate or infringe upon the intellectual property rights, privacy rights, publicity rights, or other legal rights of any third party; (d) the Submission does not and will not contain any harmful computer code (sometimes referred to as “malware,” “viruses” or “worms”); and (e) all information provided in the entry is true and correct in all respects;

If the Submission includes any third-party works (such as third-party content or open-source code), the applicant must be able to provide, upon ADPC’s request, all appropriate licenses, ownership assignments, and releases for such third-party works. ADPC reserves the right to disqualify any Submission that ADPC, in its sole discretion, deems not to comply with these Terms & Conditions.

By participating in the Open Call, each applicant hereby irrevocably grants to ADPC a limited, non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license and right to use the Submission to the extent necessary to administer the Initiative and to ADPC to publicly perform and publicly display the Submission, including, without limitation, for marketing, advertising and promotional purposes relating to the Initiative.

Notice to Finalists

Attempts to notify potential finalists will be made using the contact information provided on the finalist’s Application Form. ADPC is not responsible for email or other communication problems of any kind. If, despite reasonable efforts, a potential finalist does not respond within five (5) working days of the first notification attempt (or a shorter time if deemed necessary by ADPC), or if any potential finalist is found to be ineligible, or if he or she has not complied with these Terms & Conditions they will be disqualified and ADPC, in its sole discretion, will determine whether to select an alternate finalist.

Publicity Release

By participating in the Open Call, in addition to any other grants granted herein or which may be granted in any other agreement entered into between ADPC, on the one hand, and any applicant in the Open Call, each successful applicant hereby irrevocably (a) grants to ADPC and its contractors and representatives the right to use such applicant’s name in any and all media for any purpose, including, without limitation, marketing, advertising and promotional purposes relating to the CIC Program and (b) releases ADPC and its contractors and representatives from any liability with respect thereto. By submitting an application, participating applicants agree to comply with ADPC’s disclosure policies.

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