Climate Innovation Challenge

Partnership, Applicability and Scalability of Innovations and Technologies for Climate Resilience in South Asia

Climate Information and Analytics

South Asian countries are seeking solutions that would combine weather-related data to generate understandable and usable information for policy interventions in specific sectors, such as food security, nutrition, forests and watersheds, livelihoods and resilient infrastructure needs, at local level.

Specific areas:

    • Real or near-real-time climate data collection and monitoring systems.
    • Monitoring and management of hydrometeorological events at a local level.
    • The development of climate models to assess future risk, forecast impact on vulnerable sectors and monitor change.
    • Means by which local communities can understand, contribute to and benefit from data related to impacts on food security, extreme weather events, changes in groundwater and precipitation.
    • Means by which communities and authorities can assess the impact of current patterns of use of natural resources, assess the impact of current practices related to food and resource security and adapt and build resilience measures.