Grants Management

Partnership, Applicability and Scalability of Innovations and Technologies for Climate Resilience in South Asia


A) Due Diligence and Proposal Submission: A list of provisional finalists selected by the jury were screened for due diligence including a financial management capability assessment and firm or organizational eligibility. The provisional finalists were asked to develop and submit a short technical and financial proposal backed by endorsements/confirmation from relevant authorities in their area of deployment.

B) Award decisions and announcements: The grants management team made the final decision on which organizations are provided with grants and the final winning solutions were selected based on:

      • Value for Money: a total of 2 million USD must be utilized in a way that it covers all the themes and geographically important locations.
      • Timeline: All field implementation by selected innovators must be completed by 31 July 2022 and followed strictly followed as per the financing agreement with WBG and FCDO.
      • Cater to the larger CARE objectives: The selected innovation must reflect and contribute towards achieving the overall objectives of WB CARE project of south Asia.
      • Credible Institutions: Institutions/entities must have inbuilt management system and capabilities to implement their solution without much handholding.
      • Regulatory approvals: All approved solution must have formal approval by the end users including government acceptance and permissions to avoid hurdles and delays in implementation.
      • Implementation: The period for the implementation will be eight (8) months during which there are regular monitoring and a final evaluation of the implementation and scope for scaling the proposal is required.


      • carry out the project with due diligence and efficiency and in accordance with sound technical, economic, financial, managerial, environmental and social standards and practices satisfactory to ADPC,
      • maintain policies and procedures to enable it to monitor and evaluate the progress of the Sub-grant in accordance with indicators acceptable to ADPC.
      • prepare financial statements in accordance with consistently applied accounting standards acceptable to ADPC.
      • procure the goods, works and services to be financed out (of the grant) in accordance with the provisions of the Sub grant Agreement.
      • promptly inform the ADPC of any condition which interferes and threatens to interfere with the purpose of the project or with its performance.
      • complete the carrying out of the pilot before the Closing Date.
      • maintain policies and procedures to enable to monitor the progress of the pilot and the achievement of its objectives.
      • abide by, and comply with, the terms and conditions of the safeguard instruments, as applicable; and
      • accept physical or documentary inspection by the ADPC in relation to the carrying out of the project

WBCAR Protect Operational Manual (OM)

Grant Implementation Guideline

Other Guidelines