CIC Process

Partnership, Applicability and Scalability of Innovations and Technologies for Climate Resilience in South Asia


The “Open Call for Proposal” was launched to crowd source innovative and disruptive technology solutions for resilience through grant awards to eligible and qualifying innovators, matching and pilot-testing the proposed solutions.

Applicants were required to complete an online application form to provide information on their innovation, its relevance to a specific challenge, demonstrated experience of its effectiveness, and their capability of implementing the solution in the region.


The overall eligibility criteria for companies and organizations to avail the climate innovation challenge were:

  • Companies and organizations (including non-profit, non-governmental and think-tanks) operating lawfully in any country or territory with experience in deploying climate resilient technology solutions in low-income or developing countries were eligible to apply.
  • Applicants were encouraged to provide experience of deploying such a technology or solution in any South Asian Region country.
  • ADPC also accepted applications from consortia. For this purpose, ADPC defines consortium applications as those submitted by formal consortia only, i.e., where 2 or more organizations come together to create a new, formally constituted organization, with its own organizational accounts.
  • Privately-owned companies including those with experience in providing innovative climate resilient technology solutions in the South Asia region were eligible to apply.
  • The proposed solutions considered were preferably a Minimum Viable Product/prototype (MVP) that may have been deployed with test results and status.
  • The companies or organizations applying were to have demonstrated managerial capacity to implement the proposed solutions.
  • The proposed solutions considered were to have potential of scalability and replicability under local conditions in the South Asia region.


A jury of eminent personalities was established for reviewing and vouching the winners. Headed by ADPC’s Executive Director, the jury represented FCDO-UK, four independent experts representing various organizations and countries. The jury was asked to score and select high-performing innovators with proven technologies that meet the needs of participating local organizations.