ADPC Strategy 2020 ADPC: ADPC Strategy 2020

Published on: 12/15/2011

Language: English

Author(s): Asian Disaster Preparedness Center

Department: General

Type: Strategies

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Publication Overview/Description

As the most hazard prone region in the World, the Asia-Pacific Region cannot afford to ignore nor delay addressing the challenges that confront it in disaster risk reduction (DRR). More and more, holistic and innovative approaches to address disaster risk are becoming mandatory, given the close inter-relationships and inextricable links that exist between disaster risk and the other key challenges of poverty reduction, sustainable development, environmental sustainability, as well as the emerging realities of global climate change.

ADPC is Asia’s premier regional resource center for DRR. The intention is to maintain this position by building on its experiences, successes and strengths while at the same time working closely with RCC1 member countries and development partners to address the multiple, complex challenges related to disaster and climate risk.

This strategy seeks to complement the DRR Strategies of other key development partners, to ensure that strong, collective and comprehensive support can and will be given to the countries and communities of Asia-Pacific Region as they seek to tackle their big disaster risk challenges.