Bhutan Steps Up Hospital Resilience Efforts

Bhutan Steps Up Hospital Resilience Efforts

11 Jun 2024

Bhutan's hospital, Bhutan

In a pivotal move to bolster Bhutan's hospital resilience, the Technical Curriculum Review Group (TCRG) convened an online meeting on 11 June 2024. Organized by the Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC) in partnership with the Department of Local Governance and Disaster Management (DLGDM) and the Ministry of Health (MOH), This initiative was supported by the USAID Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance through the regional program on Sustainable National Anticipatory Action through Preparedness (SNAP) in South Asia. The meeting marked a significant step towards refining the Hospital Preparedness for Emergencies (HOPE) curriculum, specifically tailored to address Bhutan's unique healthcare system needs, such as its remote and mountainous terrain and the prevalence of certain diseases.

Figure 1: HOPE-TCRG Members of Bhutan

The virtual gathering brought together key stakeholders, including representatives from the Ministry of Health, senior nurses, emergency physicians, engineers, and academic leaders. The discussions were centered around the highly successful HOPE pilot course conducted in Thimphu in March 2023, which significantly increased the participants' knowledge and skills in emergency preparedness. Building on this solid foundation, the group aims to develop a comprehensive and context-specific training program to prepare Bhutan for future health emergencies.

Ms. Deki Yangzom of the Ministry of Health was appointed as the TCRG coordinator, which is crucial for steering this project. The meeting outlined a structured timeline, proposing a mid-planning workshop in early July to incorporate insights from national and regional experts. The ultimate goal is to launch a Training for Instructors course by September and institutionalize HOPE, ensuring that Bhutan's healthcare workforce is well-equipped to handle emergencies.

Despite the tight timeline, the commitment and collaborative spirit displayed by the participants during the meeting were commendable. This reflects Bhutan's unwavering dedication to enhancing its health sector's resilience. With strategic planning and coordinated efforts, the TCRG is poised to create a robust training program to significantly improve Bhutan's capacity to manage health emergencies.