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ADPC develops and implements disaster risk management programs and projects by providing technical and professional services in formulating national disaster management policies, capacity building of disaster management institutions, program design for comprehensive disaster risk management, post-disaster assessment, public health and emergency management, land-use planning, disaster-resistant construction and the planning of immediate relief response and subsequent rehabilitation activities. Examples of past and ongoing programs and projects, funded by international development agencies, developed and implemented by ADPC include:

  • Climate Forecast Applications for Disaster Mitigation ( USAID-OFDA, US NOAA-OGP)

  • Improved Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change for Sustainable Livelihoods in the Agriculture Sector (FAO)

  • Asian Urban Disaster Mitigation Program (USAID)

  • Strengthening Disaster Management and Mitigation at the State Level in India (ADB)

  • Improving Damage & Cost Assessment Methodology for State of Gujarat (World Bank)

  • Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Management into Development Practice (AUSAID)

  • Improving Cyclone Early Warning & Response Mechanisms in Asia (EU)

  • Flood Emergency Management Strengthening Lower Mekong Basin (GTZ)

  • Mine Risk Education Program for Building Awareness and Disseminating Knowledge on Dangers of Mines and on Basic Safety Procedures (UNICEF)

  • ECHO ADPC-MRC Capacity Building for Preparedness, Planning and Response through the Use of Flood Information Products in the Lower Mekong Basin ( ECHO)

  • Extreme Climate Events Program (USAID-OFDA)

  • Capacity Building for Disaster Management in Cambodia, Sri Lanka & Timor Leste (UNDP)

  • Disaster Reduction Program for Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam (DANIDA)

  • Program for Enhancement of Emergency Response (USAID-OFDA)

  • Partnership on Disaster Reduction in South East Asia ( ECHO)

  • Adapting to Climate Change by Managing Climate Variability in SE Asia ( US NOAA-OGP)

In the implementation of some of its programs and projects, ADPC has partnered with international development agencies; such as, Cooperation Assistance for Relief Everywhere (CARE), Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), Mekong River Commission (MRC), International Research Institute for Climate Prediction (IRI), UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR), World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), World Bank, World Vision, etc.

Training Resource Group

ADPC provides a wide range of training and learning opportunities for managers and practitioners, who wish to improve and develop their disaster management skills and knowledge. ADPC conducts regular courses and workshops on a range of topics, such as disaster management fundamentals, urban disaster mitigation, seismic and cyclone hazards mitigation, flood hazards mitigation, technological hazards, public health emergencies, crisis management and community-based approaches to disaster management. ADPC also designs and conducts program-based and customized training courses at the request of governments and donors. Some examples of regular training courses that ADPC conducts are:

  • Community Based Disaster Risk Management

  • Flood Risk Management

  • Earthquake Vulnerability Reduction for Cities

  • Disaster Management

  • Public Health and Emergency Management in Asia and the Pacific

  • Public Health in Complex Emergencies

To date, ADPC has an alumni base of more than 4,500 senior and middle management level professionals in national and provincial governments, national and international non-governmental organizations, academia and the private sector. The extent and scope of their participation contribute substantively to the development and implementation of effective disaster management capabilities, policies and practices in their respective countries.

Information and Knowledge Management

ADPC disseminates and shares the knowledge, skills and experiences gained from its operations by:

  • acting as an information-clearing house for specialized information pertaining to disaster management policies and practices in Asia;

  • maintaining a specialized library on disaster management with over 7,000 publications, supplemented by an unique collection of gray and unpublished literature from ADPC’s programs and projects;

  • publishing a newsletter - " Disaster Risk Management in Asia”;

  • maintaining an interactive website (, listservs and discussion forums; and

  • providing training support on information management for disaster managers and disaster management organizations in this region


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