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ADPC Strategy Plan 2010


Safer communities and sustainable development through disaster reduction


To reduce the impact of disasters on communities and countries in Asia and the Pacific by:

  • raising awareness and enhancing knowledge and skills;

  • developing and strengthening sustainable institutional mechanisms;

  • facilitating exchange of information, experience and expertise; and

  • developing and demonstrating innovative disaster risk reduction


  1. Mainstreaming Disaster Reduction in Development
  2. Build and Strengthen Capacity
  3. Facilitate Partnerships and Exchange of Experience
  4. Recognition as a Proactive and Responsive Regional Resource
  5. Achieve Quality Service through a Team Approach

1.      Mainstreaming Disaster Reduction in Development

To promote increased awareness, knowledge and adoption of disaster reduction practices so as to mainstream disaster reduction as an integral part of the development process at community, national, sub-regional, regional and international levels.


1.1.    Serve as an international knowledge clearing house and information exchange center on disaster-related issues

1.2.    Advocate disaster reduction focus in the strategies and projects of international agencies through partnerships and collaboration

1.3.    Increase cooperation between the scientific community and policy / decision-makers and users to enhance the application of scientific knowledge for disaster reduction

1.4.    Promote disaster prevention, mitigation and preparedness concepts and practices in strategic areas of development in Asia as a way to reduce disasters

1.5.    Establish mechanisms for assessing the needs of the disaster management sector in Asia and to identify strategic areas of intervention including participation in post disaster assessments

1.6.    Develop and demonstrate the validity and effectiveness of methods and tools that address disaster reduction strategies

1.7.    Sensitize policy-makers, decision-makers and administrators to bring about changes in policies and legislative institutional mechanisms for disaster management in their countries  

2.      Build and Strengthen Capacity

To help build and strengthen the capacity of countries, organizations, communities and individuals to reduce the impact of disasters.


2.1   Assess regularly the needs of the region for capacity building to reduce disaster impact

2.2   Develop and deliver suite of specific products and services that build capacities of communities and countries

2.3   Build institutional capacities to undertake integrated, cross-sectoral planning processes for disaster reduction

2.4   Support the replication of ADPC products and services that build capacities of communities and countries

2.5   Assess the effectiveness and relevance of ADPC products and services and continually modify them to meet the needs of the region 

3.      Facilitate Partnerships and Exchange of Experience

To facilitate and promote partnerships and networks among and across communities, sectors, institutions, and countries and facilitate exchange of experiences, practices and lessons learned.


3.1. Facilitate exchange of experiences, practices and lessons learned across sectors and at all levels

3.2. Explore and forge areas of institutional cooperation with donors, partner organizations

3.3. Support and develop sustainable partnerships and networks and mechanisms in the region that promotes disaster reduction

4.      Recognition as a Proactive and Responsive Regional Resource

To be a proactive and responsive regional resource with international organization status promoting disaster reduction, supporting and supported by countries of the region, while accessing and integrating international best practices and resources to achieve ADPC goals.


4.1   Create cutting-edge products and services which anticipate regional needs

4.2   Secure ongoing support for ADPC activities from governments and institutions in the region, as well as internationally

4.3   Recognized as a technical resource by regional cooperation mechanisms (AEGDM, ASEAN, ARF, APEC, BIMSTEC, SAARC,MRC), as well as by national, provincial and community level organizations

4.4   Promote South-South and South-North exchange of information, experiences and lessons learned

5.      Achieve Quality Service through a Team Approach

To maintain and improve ADPC as a diverse, multi-cultural, international team backed by efficient, supportive management systems, focused on achieving the highest quality service to the region.


5.1   Develop and implement administration and personnel policies and procedures that encourage a diverse inter-disciplinary, international, team-oriented staff structures

5.2   Maintain a reliable, efficient and multi-purpose management information system (MIS)

5.3   Maintain an internal program monitoring, evaluation and auditing system

5.4   Build ADP's technical and organizational capacity to meet identified and emerging needs

5.5   Follow ADPC's Guiding Principles and culture

ADPC Guiding Principles

Neutral/ Apolitical

ADPC assists the governments and communities of the countries of Asia and the Pacific in disaster reduction without regard for political party or affiliation.


ADPC strives to develop and implement programs and activities for disaster reduction, which are appropriate, replicable and sustainable by the resources and institutions of the communities and nations of the region.


ADPC seeks to transfer capabilities for disaster reduction to the national and local levels wherever possible, building its own capabilities and managing programs at the regional level only when a regional focus is appropriate.


ADPC builds a respect for the knowledge and experience of its partners, and the people and institutions of the countries it serves into all of its programs and priorities. ADPC respects the service and dedication of its staff and partners and reflects this in its policies and treatment of them.


The arbitrary and universal nature of disasters, and the concern for the afflicted that they engender, offer unusual opportunities for building linkages and sharing experiences between countries. ADPC believes that every country of Asia and the Pacific has unique experiences and expertise to contribute to disaster reduction, and seeks to incorporate the experience, expertise, perspectives, resources, and personnel of many countries and backgrounds into disaster reduction efforts.


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