September 2005-Issue 12

Dear Readers,

We anticipate that September to be very busy with number of activities, meetings and workshops as it is stated in this month’s updates. We are happy to inform you that on 6 September, ADPC and National Disaster Warning Center (NDWC), Thailand signed a memorandum of understanding in cooperation on early warning arrangement, preparedness and mitigation on natural hazards for Thailand and to establish cooperative linkages between ADPC and NDWC.

In August we also had a great pleasure welcoming the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Sri Lanka, H.E. Mr. Gitanjana Gunawardena to ADPC.

Suvit Yodmani, Executive Director, Asian Disaster Preparedness Center 

Strengthening Household Ability to Respond to Development Opportunities (SHOUHARDO) Urban Community Consultation Workshop (August 16-20)
SHOUHARDO is a five-year (2004-9) Development Assistance Project (DAP) implemented by CARE-Bangladesh with funding from USAID. SHOUHARDO aims to reduce vulnerability of the poorest communities in Bangladesh and increase livelihood options for them. The workshop was held to develop understanding on the complex and multi-dimensional nature of poverty and vulnerability in the urban slums and low income settlements; to gain knowledge on participatory approaches to development with special reference to community led processes; to exchange ideas on urban governance and community led processes; and to develop functional linkages between stakeholders engaged in development of urban poor communities.

ADPC resource person for the seminar on “Leadership in Public Services and Disaster Management” organised by Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok (August 17) 
Three ADPC experts served as resource persons to deliver the training session on Integrated Approach for Disaster Risk Management in AIT. This training programme was designed to equip the participant with knowledge and leadership skills for disaster management and also provide exposure on post disaster planning and management in the context of costal area rehabilitation, community reconstruction and sustainable ecosystem management.

MoU between ADPC and NDWC (September 6) 
On 6 September, ADPC and National Disaster Warning Center (NDWC), Thailand, signed a Memorandum of Understanding in cooperation on early warning arrangement, preparedness and mitigation on natural hazards for Thailand and to establish cooperative linkages between ADPC and NDWC.

Emergency Telecommunication Network Planning and Design, Bangladesh (September 11-17)
The project, in collaboration with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), aims to prepare a general telecommunication plan for an early warning system for Bangladesh, Maldives, and Sri Lanka. ADPC experts will be in Bangladesh to discuss the preparation of a detailed overview of possible telecommunication systems most suitable for the country and a general telecommunication plan for an early warning system for the country to make assessment of existing tsunami early warning systems in the country.

Climate Forecast Applications for Disaster Mitigation (September 6-15)
ADPC through its Climate Risk Management team has been implementing Climate Forecast Applications for Disaster Mitigation (CFA) programme since 2003. CFA aims to develop locally-appropriate climate information tools and capacity to apply these in real-time in Indonesia and the Philippines to mitigate the impacts of hydro meteorological hazards. ADPC experts will also be in Indonesia to solicit feedback about the national training workshops and climate field schools for further improvements in the module; to assess user’s need and to prepare decision calendar responsive to climate information; and to document best practices against disasters.

Study Visit on Damages of the Tsunami and the Emergency Response and Reconstruction in Thailand for the Delegation of Shanghai Civil Association, Shanghai, P. R. China (28 August – 3 September)
A delegation consisting of 7 officials from the Shanghai Civil Defence Association undertook a study visit in Thailand from 28th August to 3rd September 2005. The purpose of the study visit was to inform the delegates of the damages of the tsunami and the emergency response and reconstruction measures taken by the Royal Thai Government since 26th December 2004 in order to promote a comprehensive system on disaster preparedness and mitigation in Shanghai, PRC.

Visit of the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Sri Lanka (August 29)
The Honourable Mr. Gitanjana Gunawardena, Deputy Speaker of the Parliament paid a visit to ADPC office on 29 August to learn more about ADPC and the active involvement of ADPC in the region, particularly in Sri Lanka. ADPC provided the briefing, followed by very fruitful discussions. The Deputy Speaker was accompanied by Ambassador J. D. A. Wijewardena, of Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka to Thailand.

Visit of the Ambassador of Sweden to Thailand and the Deputy Head of the Department for Asia and the Pacific, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sweden (September 7)
ADPC welcomed H.E. Mr. Jonas Hafstrom, Swedish Ambassador to Thailand and Director Mr. Klas Molin from the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and briefed them on ADPC activities with particular focus on ADPC’s Climate Programmes and on the Regional Early Warning System designed by ADPC for 5 countries in South East Asia.

Media Orientation Workshop on Community Based Disaster Risk Management Cambodia (September 19)
A one-day national orientation meeting has been organised in Cambodia in order to orient media persons (print, radio and TV) about CBDRM. Cases about CBDRM projects will be presented during the workshops for the information of workshop participants. The workshop will develop future strategies for the mass involvement of media in awareness making programmes on disaster management. Media representatives, senior government officials, and selected NGOs working in the field of CBDRM will participate in this workshop.

Regional Analysis of Socio-Economic Impacts of the Indian Ocean Tsunami, Bangkok (September 19-20)
ADPC’s Disaster Management Systems Team is organising a meeting to present a “Regional Analysis of Socio-Economic Impacts of the Indian Ocean Tsunami” in Bangkok. This meeting is being organised with funding from World Bank’s Hazard Management Unit and the ProVention Consortium, under a study that ADPC has undertaken for analysing socio-economic impacts of the Indian Ocean Tsunami in the 5 affected countries in Asia, namely India, Indonesia, Maldives, Sri Lanka and Thailand. For each of the countries, relevant officials from the Reconstruction Authority, Finance Ministry, Central Bank, National Disaster Management Office and the Planning Department are being invited. During the meeting, based on the comparative analyses of Tsunami impacts presented by ADPC, possible collective actions by the countries for vulnerability and risk management and reduction will be discussed.

The Asian Conference on Disaster Reduction, Beijing (September 27-29)
ADPC together with The Government of China, UNESCAP, UNISDR and UNDP are co-organising the “Asian Conference on Disaster Reduction” from 27-29th September. The aim of the conference is to emphasising on the implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action 2005-2015 adopted by the World Conference on Disaster Reduction, and promote regional cooperation to cope with disasters in Asia. About 350 participants inclusive of ministers and high level government officials in charge of disaster prevention and reduction, disaster management and representatives from UN agencies, international organisations and regional organisations are expected to participate in this conference.

5th Regional Training Course on Tsunami and Earthquake Vulnerability Reduction for Cities (ECRC-5), Phuket (September 19-23)
The fifth EVRC training course is being organised on 19th – 23th September in Phuket, Thailand. The course is designed to provide greater understanding of the causes and effects of earthquakes and tsunami and how to mitigate such impacts in order to reduce damage and loss of lives from these destructive events. The Course intends to assist government officials, insurance companies, emergency response agencies, relief and rehabilitation agencies, UN agencies and international organisations, NGOs working on disaster mitigation particularly on earthquake mitigation. The training course is developed in collaboration with World Seismic Safety Initiative (WSSI), Earthquakes and Megacities Initiative (EMI) and the Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV). 

Disaster Management Course in Pakistan (September 19-30)
ADPC in collaboration with Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) is organising a two week training programme for their officials in Islamabad as PPAF has included disaster management component in their forthcoming activities. The course will provide comprehensive disaster management knowledge and skills to enhance the capabilities of executive managers who have key disaster management responsibilities. The course is designed to enable professionals working in PPAF and other partner organisations related to disaster management, development and donor agencies to effectively integrate disaster management into their development programmes and policies.

Training workshop on “Damage and Loss Estimation for Risk Management”, Bangkok (September 26-30)
The training workshop is intended to assist government officials and disaster management practitioners to acquaint themselves with the methodology for damage and loss assessment developed by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean of the United Nations (UN-ECLAC), and its application for disaster risk management. About thirty participants from six countries, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Maldives, Sri Lanka and Thailand will participate in this training workshop. 

1st International Workshop on Management of Dead and Missing in Disasters (September 26-30)
The first international workshop on the Management of the Dead and the Missing in Disasters (MDM Programme) will be organised by the Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC) and the three regional offices of the World Health Organisation namely, the South East Asia, Western Pacific and the Eastern Mediterranean (WHO-SEARO/WPRO/EMRO). The goal of the MDM Programme is to enhance a multi-sectoral approach to the public health management of the dead and the missing in countries affected by mass-fatality natural disasters and to contribute to create a regional network of experts for international local assistance. 

Climate Forecast Application Consultation Workshop (July 18-21), Thailand
The workshop brings together implementing partners of the climate forecast applications program from Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam, in collaboration with the International Research Institute for Climate Prediction (IRI), to share progress of program implementation and develop next year's action plan. The program is funded by USAID/OFDA and US NOAA.

National Consultation Workshop, Indonesia (September 27-28)
A two-day national consultation workshop will be organised in Indonesia to develop a national framework on institutionalising CBDRM in the government policy, planning and implementation and to develop guidelines for national and regional networking and partnerships. About 30 participants from relevant government ministries and departments, NGOs working on community based disaster risk management, UN agencies, DIPECHO partners and Red Cross and Red Crescent societies will attend the workshop. 


  • 1st Regional Training Course on Exercise Management (EXMAN-1), Bangkok, October 10-14

  • First Regional Training Course on Skills for Effective Trainers (SET-1), Bangkok 17-21 October 17-21 

  • National Workshop on CBDRM good practice criteria, impact indicators, and criteria to determine family and community vulnerability to natural disasters - Cambodia (October 19-21), Lao PDR (October 12-14), and Vietnam (October 26-28)

  • 7th Regional Training Course on Flood Disaster Risk Management (FDRM-7), Bangkok, 24 October - 4 November 

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