October 2004-Issue 1

Dear Readers,

In response to increasing demand for more updated information on our activities and programs, ADPC is pleased to present this new "ADPC UPDATE", in addition to the Quarterly Newsletter, on a monthly basis, starting from 1 October 2004. I do hope that you will find these updates interesting and useful, and that you will honor us with your comments, suggestions, and ideas for the benefit of all concerned.

Suvit Yodmani, Executive Director, Asian Disaster Preparedness Center


Mine Risk Reduction Program Chiang Mai (Oct 19-20 and Oct 21-22)
To impart knowledge on mine dangers and risks to about 200 schoolteachers, in order that they can integrate mine risk education into the regular school curriculum to educating school children to avoiding mine injury and death. The Governor of Chiang Mai Province will preside over the opening and closing of both the training sessions.

International Day for Natural Disaster Risk Reduction Commemoration Events

  • ADPC-UNESCAP Annual Journalism Award (Oct 13th)
    ADPC and UNESCAP will jointly present the newly inaugurated Annual Journalism Award for Outstanding Reporting on Emergencies and Disasters at the International Day for Natural Disaster Risk Reduction Forum to be held at the United Nations Conference Center, Bangkok. The award recognizes outstanding reporting by mass media on disaster reduction in Asia and the Pacific, with a view to promoting increased awareness of these issues in the mainstream press and encourage mass media professionals to participate more actively in enhancing disaster reduction efforts. Thailand's Minister of Interior, the Executive Secretary of UNESCAP and the Executive Director of ADPC will jointly host and participate.

  • Community-Based Flood Mitigation Program (Oct 12th) 
    Events, including a parade and presentation of art/drawing competition awards, will be held in Songkla Province s Hat Yai and Kuan Lang Municipalities. The Governor of Songkla Province and the Mayors of the Hat Yai and Kuan Lang, and ADPC will jointly host the whole event.

2nd International Course on Hospital Emergency Preparedness & Response (Sep 27th Oct 1st)
Aimed at assisting health service providers to prepare health service personnel and facilities effectively in coordinated manner to respond to emergencies that involve large numbers of casualties, this course attracted 28 senior-level doctors and health professionals form Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States.

6th Regional Flood Risk Management Course (Oct 11th 22nd)
Offering an integrated flood disaster risk management approach aimed at combating the perennial problem of floods and the resultant destruction of life, property and livelihoods, this course has 18 participants (engineers, disaster managers and academicians) from 7 Asian countries. 


  • Nov 1 -12: 1st International Course on Disasters and Development: Focus on Health, Bangkok

  • Nov 8 - 12: Land Use Planning for Disaster Risk Management, Lao PDR

  • Nov 8 - 26: 31st International Course on Disaster Management, Bangkok

  • Nov 28 - Dec 5: 4th Regional Course on Earthquake Vulnerability Reduction for Cities, Jakarta

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