November 2004-Issue 2

Dear Readers,

I would like to thank all the readers who responded to the inauguratory October issue and do hope that you will continue to provide us with your comments, suggestions, and ideas. 

Suvit Yodmani, Executive Director, Asian Disaster Preparedness Center

Hazard & Vulnerability Atlas for Thailand and Vietnam
In collaboration with the Pacific Disaster Center (PDC), ADPC will develop Hazards and Vulnerabilities Atlas for Thailand and Vietnam; as part of a larger objective of developing a Regional Hazards and Vulnerability Atlas for Southeast Asia.

ADPC Assistance for the Asia-Pacific Leadership Training, Hawaii
During the recent Asia-Pacific Leadership Training organized by the East West Center, Hawaii, ADPC facilitated a number of training modules on disaster risk reduction for sustainable island development and delivery.

Study Tour on Flood Disaster Risk Management for Government Officials of Bangladesh (Oct 12 23) Thailand and China
Seven senior officials from the Water Development Board, Ministry of Water Resources and Ministry of Planning, Bangladesh participated on a DANIDA-funded study tour on Flood Disaster Risk Management in Thailand and China.

Technical Study Visit for Senior Officials from Cilegon Serang Emergency Preparedness Program, Indonesia, 11-13 October, Bangkok, Thailand
The senior officials from Cilegon Serang Emergency Preparedness Program, Western Java Environmental Management Project, Indonesia, visited Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate near Bangkok, to obtain an increased awareness of industrial safety and emergency planning and decision making for improved industrial safety at local level.


Visit of the Director General, Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, Thailand (Nov 3)
The Director General, Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM) of Thailand, and members of his staff, visited ADPC to gain a better understanding of disaster management activities in the region; and to discuss disaster risk reduction initiatives, including providing assistance to DDPM on the establishment of a training institute for disaster management.

First International Course on Disasters and Development (Nov 1 - 12) Bangkok, Thailand
In collaboration with WHO and UNDP, the course promoted more effective public health risk/emergency management as a contribution to sustainable development in a comprehensive and integrated approach. 

31st Disaster Management Course (Nov 8 - 26) Bangkok, Thailand
Providing comprehensive disaster management knowledge and skills to enhance the capabilities of managers who have key disaster management responsibilities. Twenty-six professionals from 15 countries in Africa, Asia, UK and USA are participating in this course.

Land use Planning for Disaster Risk Management (Nov 13 - 17) Lao PDR
Aimed at developing a framework to integrate generic and hazard-specific risk management principles into the planning and management of land use, this course also hopes to stimulate dialogue on ways cities and local governments can minimize risks in developing long-range land use policy strategies.

4th Regional Course on Earthquake Vulnerability Reduction for Cities (Nov 29 - Dec 4) Jakarta, Indonesia
Aimed at instructing participants on the causes and effects of earthquakes as well as possible strategies and approaches to reduce damage and loss of life caused by such earthquakes.

Training on Post Disaster Assessment (Oct 17 29) Chitral / Gilget /Karachi, Pakistan
Seventy-five DART members participated in the training aimed at building their professional capacity to respond to disaster emergencies in Pakistan; and to enable DART teams to provide assistance in countries across the region, in times of emergency. 

Training for Iranian Officials (Oct 4 9) Istanbul, Turkey
Jointly with the International Blue Crescent, the training focused on enhancement of the knowledge and capacity of government officials from Bam, Iran in disaster risk management.


  • Dec 13 17: Land Use Planning for Disaster Risk Management, Sri Lanka

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