February 2005-Issue 5

Dear Readers,

We are very happy to inform you that, during his inaugural address at the high level “Ministerial Meeting on Regional Cooperation on Early Warning”, in Phuket, the Prime Minister of Thailand announced that his cabinet had approved the grant of international status to ADPC. The Center now awaits the signing of its Charter by its founding-member countries, namely Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand, which will be initiated first with the Thai government towards the end of this month.

Suvit Yodmani, Executive Director, Asian Disaster Preparedness Center

Mine Risk Education Training Courses Evaluation (5 - 11 Jan), Thailand

An evaluation of the mine risk education training courses was carried out by the MRE team at Mae Hong Son and Chiang Mai provinces in north Thailand, to assess the students’ knowledge of mine risks and the teachers’ views of the effectiveness of the project implementation. The evaluation, submitted to UNICEF was very positive. The teachers had applied the knowledge to their various classes.

Promoting Mine Risk Awareness among children on National Children’s Day (8 Jan), Thailand
As part of raising awareness on mine risk education and safety, a drawing contest, games and exhibition on mine risk education was organized on 8 January, on the occasion of the National Children’s Day in Thailand. 

Presentation of the Damage Assessment Methodology in Gujarat (18 Feb), India
A presentation of the findings of the 9 months study on developing a methodology for damage and loss assessment in Gujarat will be made to the Gujarat State Disaster Management Authority (GSDMA) on 18 February. The study is aimed at setting up a comprehensive disaster damage and loss assessment system through the improvement and expansion of existing mechanisms, and providing initial steps towards its implementation through capacity building. 

ASEAN-China Workshop on Tsunami Early Warning, (25-26 Jan), Beijing, China

ADPC attended the ASEAN-China workshop on Tsunami Early Warning hosted by the China Earthquake Administration in order to strengthen international cooperation on tsunami warning. The workshop provided a platform to introduce and exchange the latest experience in the field of marine earthquake and tsunami.

Ministerial Meeting on the Establishment of an Early Warning System, (28-29 Jan), Phuket, Thailand
A two day meeting of ministers and special envoys from over 40 countries was held in Phuket, Thailand, with the aim of furthering regional cooperation on tsunami early warning arrangements in the Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia. The Meeting recognized ADPC’s readiness to serve as a regional centre or focal point for a multi-nodal tsunami early warning arrangement in the region, working together with relevant national and regional institutions and agreed to strengthen its capacity for the same.For more details, please visit 

Seminar on Earthquakes and Tsunamis for School Children (4 Jan), Thailand
ADPC conducted a one day orientation seminar for the AIT community school children on what to do before, during and after earthquakes and tsunamis through games, quizzes and interactive question and answers.

Visit of Children and Guardians of Tsunami Victims to ADPC (11 Feb), Thailand
ADPC hosted lunch and organized events to entertain 122 children and 102 parents and guardians, victims of the recent tsunami, from the south of Thailand during their Royal Thai Army-sponsored trip to Bangkok.

Capacity Building in Asia using Information Technology Applications (CASITA-Phase II) Kickoff Meeting (14-15 Feb), Netherlands

The Second phase of the CASITA Project will be started at this kickoff meeting. The Echo funded project is being implemented in partnership with ITC Netherlands and Partner Universities. Universities from four countries: Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Thailand and the University of Bonn will participate in this meeting as well as the follow-up training. 

Development of a Pacific Community Based Disaster Risk Management Course (14-25 Feb), Fiji
ADPC was requested by South Pacific Applied Geo-science Commission (SOPAC) in Fiji to assist in developing and delivering a pacific community-based disaster risk management course. This course will be replicated to the other countries in the Pacific region.

CBDRM Training in Landslide Prone Areas (24-25 Feb), Chiang Rai, Thailand
A CBDRM Training will be conducted under the Thailand Urban Disaster Mitigation Project (TUDMP) in the landslide prone areas of Maekorn and its sub-districts in the north of Thailand.


  • International Coordination Meeting for the development of Tsunami Warning and Mitigation System for the Indian Ocean within a Global Framework UNESCO Headquarters, France, 3- 8 March 2005

  • Regional Consultative Committee MDRM meeting 15-16 March, Bangkok, Thailand

  • Disaster Management Course 19-31 March, Kabul, Afghanistan

  • CBDM Training in Landslide Prone Areas 17-18 March, Chiang Rai, Thailand

  • National Seminar on Urban Risk Management Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • UDM Training for Chiang Mai University Students, Chiang Mai, Thailand

  • Start-up of "Capacity Building for Planning and Implementation of Flood Preparedness Programs at Provincial and District Levels in the Lower Mekong Basin (Phase II)" Project 

  • Consultation Workshop to Initiate Capacity Assessment for Tsunami Early Warning Systems, Thailand

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