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Resilient Cities and Urban
Risk Management

Disaster risk management for urban communities

ADPC assists cities and urban communities in managing and mitigating urban disaster risks. We provide cities with technical assistance in planning, building and enhancing their capacities; developing data such as spatial distribution of potential hazardous areas; as well as promoting interventions for effective emergency response planning and management systems.

Urban disaster risk reduction pursued by ADPC focuses primarily on demonstrating sound practices for responding to, preparing for and mitigating hazards and disaster events. We also work to strengthen the capacity of national-level institutions, such as urban development authorities, working in the urban sector and expand their influence in exercising good urban governance.

ADPC's work in urban risk management aims to:

  • Create receptive, sensitive and reactive urban communities that are capable of undertaking organized approaches in the management of disaster risks by transferring information, technical knowledge and skills
  • Advocate for socially acceptable and compatible policies with farsighted community values, legal mechanisms and investments in order to build safer urban communities in the region
  • Act as a resource center on urban disaster risk management