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Climate Change and Climate Risk Management

Managing climate risks through innovative solutions

Droughts, floods and storms endanger human lives, disrupt livelihood systems, and derail the process of social and economic development. Climate variability and climate change may compound the severity of risks as it is expected to alter the frequency and intensity of weather and climate hazards.

ADPC helps governments and communities in improving their capacity to effectively respond to current risks and seasonal variations, and to adapt to the changing climate and the new risks it may bring.

Raising national capacities for modelling weather and climate

ADPC supports national hydro-meteorological services to build meteorological forecasting and climate change modeling capacities. We have designed and executed several modalities for capacity building of meteorologists, climatologists and hydrologists; these include in-country training and secondment into ADPC.

Supporting climate risk management and climate adaptation

Our work focuses on the development of climate risk information, tools, techniques, and systems to be used in risk management and climate change adaptation. We utilize climate models and analysis of historical climate data to support preparedness for shocks due to short-term shifts in seasons, variations in temperature and precipitation, and anomalies such as ENSO. We also support adaptation planning for long-term climate change.

Promoting end-to-end early warning systems

We provide training and technical advice to put people-centered warning systems in place, strengthen the end-to-end dissemination of warnings, and ensure effective utilization of the information by the at-risk communities and responding organizations.

ADPC offers a wide range of services in the development of effective systems for disaster risk management utilizing end-to-end early warning systems and supporting climate risk management and adaptation to climate change.

  • Needs assessments: We review existing systems and identify needs in terms of policy as well as institutional and technical capacity
  • Technical assistance: We provide support to meteorology and hydrology services to increase their human and technical capacity
  • Customized training courses: We offer tailor-made courses to strengthen technical skills
  • Climate modeling products: We have the capacity to perform climate modeling and analysis of climate data to be used in climate risk management and adaptation planning by sectors such as agriculture and water resource management