Training Course on Disaster Resilience Leadership

Date:  8 - 12 Jul 2019

Venue: Bangkok, Thailand




Due to the unpredictable nature of disasters, senior management officials are required to possess proper capacities and knowledge in preparedness and emergency response at all levels. They must also have a proper understanding of disaster management and leadership, as this will help them provide the best possible services to their communities.

This course aims to enhance the leadership skills of senior management officials in disaster risk management. Participants will study key concepts in disaster risk management and explore the role of leadership for disaster resilient societies through case studies and scenario-based exercises.


Module 1: Introduction to DRM

Session 1: Basic Terms and Evolving Concepts on Disaster Risk Management (DRM)
Session 2: DRM Approaches and Leadership
Session 3: Understanding Resilience
Session 4: Effective Strategies and Systems for DRM

Module 2: Human Factors in DRM

Session 1: Disaster Resilience and Leadership Roles
Session 2: Human Factors in DRM
Session 3: Organizational Change and DRM
Session 4: Working in a Multi-Team Setting

Module 3: Environment and Disaster Resilient Leadership

Session 1: Changing Climate and Disaster Risk
Session 2: Adaptation to Climate Change & Role of Leadership for Disaster Resilient Societies
Session 3: Urban Environment and Disaster Risk Reduction

Module 4: Analytics in Disaster Risk Management

Session 1: Overview of Analytics in DRM
Session 2: Application of Disaster Risk Identification and Assessment Tools for Disaster Risk Reduction
Session 3: Forecasting and Early Warning
Session 4: Use of ICT Tools in Disaster Response Management and Planning Process

Module 5: Championing Change for Disaster Risk Management: Linking DRM Operations, Human Factors, Environment and Analytics in Disaster Resilient Leadership

Session 1: Championing Change for Disaster Risk Management: Linking DRM Operations, Human Factors, Environment and Analytics in Disaster Resilient Leadership


This course is designed for practitioners in leadership positions.


The standard course fee of USD1,675 covers course tuition, registration fee, training materials, study visit, and training kit0.

Participants will be responsible for their own travel expenses and arrangements, accommodation, airport transfers, visa application, all meals, health and accident insurance, and other personal expenses.

Discounted accommodation can be arranged by ADPC.


Interested persons can apply as individuals although preference will be given to those sponsored by an organization. The application can be submitted online at The registration and payment should be made at least one month before the course commence.


If you are selected to attend the course, the payment should be transferred to ADPC's account through a bank transfer at least one month before course commence. Otherwise, your participation will be cancelled. Please note that personal checks are not accepted as a form of payment.


If you are unable to attend, a substitute applicant is welcome to attend in your place, provided the participation criteria described above have been met.

Cancellation of attendance should be notified at least three weeks prior to course commencement; in which case, 15 percent of the course fee will be deducted for banking charges and administrative costs. No refunds are available for cancellation within three weeks prior to course commencement.