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Asian Urban Disaster Mitigation Program (AUDMP)
5th Working Group Meeting
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
23-25 February, 2000

As you are aware the Working Group Meeting (WGM), an annual event under AUDMP, provides an opportunity to all project partners to share and exchange information and to get feedback and ideas from the group during the meeting.  The previous WGMs provided a platform for all members to present the activities of their projects with the entire group.  This year’s WGM, scheduled at Phnom Penh Cambodia during 23-25 February 2000, departs from that trend in the sense that instead of looking back, it looks ahead to set future course of action for the AUDMP.

The expertise, insights and rich experience gained during the implementation of projects in respective countries have built together a strong regional knowledge base on disaster reduction.  To continue building and enriching this knowledge base and to extend the best practices to other cities and countries, we need to capture these and ponder about ways of sustaining the efforts in order to save lives.  At this point of time, when four of the national demonstration projects viz. Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Cambodia are about to complete their Phase II activities and start their replication phase, it seems appropriate to identify "replication" as the central theme for this year’s WGM.

It was with this background that a meeting took place at ADPC in Bangkok during the first week of December to discuss the strategy for replication of projects.  The project managers from Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Cambodia took part in the discussions.  After two weeks of continuous discussions with the four project managers and AUDMP/ADPC staff, the replication team consisting of Rob Stephenson, Peter Anderson, Joanne Burke and Michael Lippe as team leader submitted a draft replication strategy.  This findings and recommendations of the report will be circulated for your review before the WGM and the same will also be presented, discussed and finalized at the WGM.  This will help all of us to arrive at a consensus on the issues pertaining to replication and will also guide the AUDMP in the years to come.

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All of us here at AUDMP look forward to meeting with you at Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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