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17 March, 2015

Kathmandu Valley Earthquake Risk Management Project (KVERMP)
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Promotional/Public Awareness Materials

Videos (Raw Footage)

  • KVERMP Kickoff Meeting
  • Kathmandu Valley Scenario Workshop
  • Kathmandu Valley Action Plan Workshop
  • School Earthquake Safety Headmaster Seminar
  • NSET Strategic Planning Workshop
  • School Earthquake Safety Program 1999- Pilot Retrofit Program of Bhuvaneshwori Lower Secondary School
  • Earthquake Safety Day 1999
  • Earthquake Safety Day 2000
  • Earthquake Safety Day 2001


  • NSET Newsletter-1 (HTML format)
  • NSET Newsletter-2
  • Earthquake Safety Tips (HTML format)
  • Earthquake Resistant Construction Tips for Masonry Construction (HTML format)
  • Earthquake Resistant Construction Tips for RC Frame Structure
  • IDNDR DAY Poster
  • Earthquake Safety Day 1999 Poster
  • Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale (Abridged) Poster
  • Earthquake Safety Day 2000 Poster
  • Earthquake Safety Day 2001 Poster
  • Earthquake Safety Day 2001 Calendar - Published with the tips on Earthquake Resistant Construction
  • Earthquake Safety Day 1999 First Day Cover Envelops - Focused on Earthquake Safety of Cultural Heritage (A set of 2 types)
  • Earthquake Safety Day 2001 First Day Cover Envelops - Focused on School Earthquake Safety Program - School Retrofit works carried out in 6 buildings of 5 schools of Kathmandu Valley (A set of 6 types)


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