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Last updated:
17 March, 2015

India: Technological Hazard Mitigation in Baroda and Metropolitan Calcutta
Project Overview Project Components Project Outputs

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The AUDMP India project launched from October 1997 is implemented by Baroda Citizens Council (BCC), assisted by Urban Studies Center, Times Research Foundation (TRF).

The Indian government has identified numerous manufacturing and hazardous materials storage sites in densely populated urban areas.  The objective of the India project is to reduce the vulnerability of the population and infrastructure to technological/industrial hazards in selected municipalities or districts within the metropolitan Calcutta and Baroda areas.  The first phase of the project consists of hazard mapping and vulnerability assessment for the target municipalities, as well as the development of guidelines for incorporating technological hazards into urban development planning. During the second phase, a full-scale mitigation strategy and off-site emergency preparedness plan will be prepared and implemented for one of the cities.


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